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Sunday, September 18, 2022

Woman Dies In Auto Crash While Chasing Hubby Carrying 'Side -Chick'

The Daily Crucible | Monday, September 19, 2022

An unidentified woman has died due to auto accident in Calabar while chasing her husband who she saw with another lady suspected to be his side - chick.

The accident happened on Sunday at the Murtarla Mohammed Highway, Calabar, Cross River State capital.

Sources claimed the woman sighted another lady in her husband's car at a popular Spar shop area of the Calabar metropolis when they were barely driving off and perhaps fired by a surge of jealous rage, she chased after them in her own car.

In bids to overtake the husband's car, she lost control of her wheels due to speed and recklessly veered off the road until it crashed into a rugged terrain.

The unknown lady was said to be the only person in the car when the auto crash occurred.
  • The couple involved in the fatal car race over 'side -chick'

Sympathizers however rescued her in a critical state to a hospital.

However, some claimed the man and his wife are both lawyers, and they are blessed with three children - all boys, together.

"The lady saw her hubby at Spar shop with another woman in the car, so she hurrily drove to double cross them. This man saw her car and zoomed off, so the woman became aggressive and sped up.

"I was just driving behind them just in less than 3 minutes I saw her involved in the accident and she's unconscious at point of death. The hubby that was running suddenly dropped off the lady who was with him and rushed down to to assist revive her from the car. She's been rushed to the hospital. We pray she survives it." a source said.

Meanwhile, the Sector Commander, Federal Road Safety Corps  (FRSC), in Cross River, Maikano Hassan, reportedly confirmed the lone  accident that killed the woman.

Maikano attributed the cause to "over speeding," noting that a Toyota Highlander car was involved.

The Sector Commander said the accident 
occured on the Muritala Mohammed Highway in Calabar and that the lone female driver veered off the road and plunged into a ditch.

”Though the woman was immediately rushed to a nearby hospital, but she was said to have died few minutes later due to the injury sustained from the incident.”

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