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Wednesday, August 24, 2022

Police Arrest Pastor, Church Members Over Oro Worshipper's Death

        •Police IGP

| The Daily Crucible | Wednesday, August 24, 2022

Police in Lagos have arrested a female pastor and and church members for allegedly stoning traditional worshipper to death.
The pastor identified as Mercy Okoch of The Truth and The Spirit Prophetic Church in Lagos state, and nine members of her church were arrested for allegedly stoning a 25-year-old traditional worshipper, Agboola Akeem, to death.

The incident occurred during a clash on Tuesday(yesterday) at about 6.30pm.

Multiple police sources claimed operatives attached to the Oko Oba Police Division arrested the Pastor and her church members after the division received distress calls that there was a crisis at the church located at Number 2 Sanni Taiwo Lawal street in Oko Oba, and that some persons were spoilling to torch it.

The operatives stormed the church premises, restored order and arrested some Christians.

It was learnt that  the traditional worshippers were celebrating their Oro festival at a time the church members too were having a church service.

The traditional worshippers allegedly invaded the church premises and ordered members to stop the evening service but they declined and a clash ensued which allegedly led to the death one of the Oro worshippers.

Oro Festival is an annual traditional festival only celebrated by male descendants who are paternal natives to the specific community where it is observed.

During the festival rite, females, and non-natives are specifically advised  to stay indoors as oral history has it that Orò must not be seen by women and non- devotees.

According to the police source, a shouting match ensued between the traditional worshippers and the church members and this degenerated into a free - for - all.

One of the traditional worshippers was said to have been struck down by heavy objects hurled at him which drew the ire of other traditional worshippers who threatened to raze the church down.

The police were able to quell the tension and evacuated the body of the deceased and deposited it in the morgue. The pastor and nine members of the church are now in police custody.

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