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Sunday, August 7, 2022

Pelican Valley Visits Lagos Farm In Anticipation To Launch Superior One In Ogun

••• As Planned Project Passes The Legality Test, Others

 • The Pelican Valley team

The Daily Crucible | Sunday, August 7, 2022

Pelican Valley Nigeria Ltd has visited a farm estate in Ikorodu, Lagos State, to understudy it in anticipation of launching one in Ogun State with a competitive edge over others.

The farm estates toured are some of the ones being operated by the Lagos State Government in Ikorodu axis of the state.

The Pelican Valley team comprising the Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Dr. Babatunde Adeyemo, the company's new Director of Operations, Mr Daniel Ifeoluwa Samuel, Pelican Legal and Compliance Officer, Temitope Akinremi Esq and Pelican Valley Architect, Arc. Ogunlowo Damilare shared with their hosts, ideas,  experiences and expectations regarding setting up cutting edge farm estate.

The CEO, Dr. Babatunde Adeyemo, said the visit availed them of the opportunity to have on the spot assessment of the Lagos farms ahead of the launch of Pelican Valley Farm Estate and Ecostay Apartment in Masa Kobape axis of Ogun State, come September 11, 2022.

Adeyemo said the visit becomes necessary since owning commercial farm is the only business civil and public servants in Nigeria are permitted by law to undertake while still in service.
 ,• Dr. Babatunde  Adeyemo and host

According to him, the project seeks to foster self - sustaining economy community, create jobs, income and help ensure food security in Kobape axis of the Gateway State as well as serve as model for replication elsewhere.

The Pelican Legal and Compliance officer, Temitope Akinremi Esq., underscores the importance of the tour and planned launch of Pelican Valley Farm Estate, saying it would ensure the company functions in a legal and ethical manner while meeting its business goals.

Akinremi urged existing and prospective clients to key into it, noting that Pelican Valley in establishing the farm estate within Ogun state has passed the "legality test" and is poised to help foster development and growth of the state.

He cited Ogun, Kwara and Osun as states that maintain liberal agricultural policies and several incentives to attract foreign investors.

"Pelican legal team is  responsible for developing compliance programs, reviewing company policies, and advising management on possible risks before the company embark on its project.

"Agriculture is a concurrent matter: this means that the federating states within Nigeria are entitled to make laws concerning agricultural development (Schedule II, 1999 Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria). 

"Every federal state may have its own agricultural policy and accords priority to crops that have comparable advantages, but in most cases state agricultural policy mirrors, but does not contradict, the Federal Government Agricultural Policy," he said.

Also, Director of Operations, Tpl. Ifeoluwa Daniel, gave insight on what clients should expect to gain.

"The management's visit to some of the operational farm estates by the Lagos State government was meant to draw from experience. This being the fact that we understudied the modern best practices in integrated farming in an urban setting for an eco-friendly and most importantly, a sustainable environment. 

"This to work and successfully materialise our mission to add value to the lifestyle of our clients in Pelican Brief estate to enable physical activeness, growing of wealth, tapping into the growing local food trend, the creation of edible landscapes, boost of local economy and promotion of healthy communities," Ifeoluwa said.

For the Pelican Valley's Architect, Arc. Ogunlowo Damilare, the Lagos state Farm Estate provided the Pelican Valley team a forum for priceless and a detailed case study.

He said,"This was not an oversight but a well planned visit which gave us access to meet one of the farmers who is also a top civil servant and also getting in contact with an engineer handling some of the facilities, both in use and under construction.

"The experience and ideas gathered from the visit will guide in proper planning and design to achieve a sustainable and eco-friendly environment for the proposed Pelican Greenish Acres which is the Pelican farm Estate. 

"With my several years of working with Pelican, achieving standards is a top priority. And with this latest development, all existing and potential clients should be rest assured of getting the best for their money."

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