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Tuesday, August 30, 2022

Defection: Only 10 -For - Kobo Politicians Joined Crisis - Ridden Ogun PDP - LP

The Daily Crucible | Tuesday, August 30, 2022

The Ogun State chapter of Labour Party has debunked claims by the People's Democratic Party, PDP,  in Ogun State that some members of LP defected to PDP recently.

LP dismissed the claims as tissues of lies, saying only intinerant and '10 for a kobo' politicians could join a crisis - ridden and litigation - torn Ogun PDP.

The resurgent LP declared that none of her members defected to PDP in the state.

In a statement by its State Chairman, Micheal Ashade, the party explained that no serious member of LP will leave a stable home for one full of strife.

According to Ashade, LP in Ogun State is becoming stronger and better everyday unlike Ogun PDP which is ridden with series of court cases emphasizing  that PDP can not attract members from a high flying and a divined winning Obedient political party like Ogun LP

Ashade stated, "Ogun State PDP is the most unlikely and the most unattractive political arty in Ogun State that can appeal to any responsible and politically focused individual. Currently, everyone is aware of the very poor testimonial and the negative electoral rating the PDP is depicting as the barometer of public opinion keep flashing red flag for PDP.

A couple of days ago, the thoroughly  marooned Hon Sikirulahi Ogundele - led Ogun State PDP as is its style, arranged and paraded a crowd of itinerant individuals and labelled them as
politicians who have decamped to PDP.

A couple of days back, this same thoroughly marooned Ogun State PDP as it is its style arranged and paraded a crowd of itinerant individuals and labelled them as decamped politicians from the opposition parties into the jinxed and crisis torn Ogun PDP.

 Unfortunately PDP with twisted and warped thought - process included LP as part of the opposition parties that lost members to it. This is one lie that further renders the diminishing political relevance of Ogun State PDP much more soiled and torn beyond tattered status.

These are money - for - hand, back - for - ground anonymous cash and carry political immigrants who are ten for a Kobo for any political racketeer to purchase for a make -believe - stunt.

 In today's Ogun State political space, the chips are down , yes , the die is cast, the bottom line is that there is LP far very much better and beyond reasonable comparison to the once - upon - a - time PDP.

 It is understandable that this truth can be very frustrating to the Liliputians in Ogun State political space. Now in Ogun State, politics is about intelligence, integrity, principle and strictly about moral uprightness. The voting public in Ogun State have grown beyond the calculated lies, stomach - infrastructure ploy and political abracadabra that are synonymous with Ogun PDP's divided and broken leadership that lack integrity.

Ogun LP has grown so large and very deeply in the minds of the voting public in Ogun State that it is not in any kind of contest with the about to finally die Ogun PDP. The truth the PDP has to understand is that any candidacy that is facilitated by any form of illegality in its process ,such is a great liability.

Ogun State LP did not lose members to the living dead Ogun PDP, it is a bad lie spoken by a jittery, frightened, frustrated and scared PDP flying governorship candidate that is still being challenged in court.

 Ogun State LP has in its membership brilliant, principled credible and very wilfully committed and loyal persons who are prepared , determined and are set to earn a loud voice in how their State is Governed. There is no reason for the confident and hopefully very hopeful member of Ogun LP to join a rudderless party like Ogun PDP."

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