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Thursday, July 21, 2022

What Manner Of Christ-ians ••• ?

By Uche Diala

I do not have a problem with anyone reasoning any how; in reverse gear or with primitive ignorance and hypocrisy but I have a serious problem with anyone expecting me to join him or her to reason in like manner. I never have and I never will by the grace of God.

I can even try to tolerate or forgive people who just derailed or just got confused but surely not people who from day one; even before the APC merger was completed and the party formed never saw any good in it and who from day one truly believed what they were sold that All Progressives Congress(APC) was an "Islamic party" out to "Islamize" Nigeria and take over all Churchs in Nigeria; so much so that having an ordained Pastor as Vice President for over seven years did not assuage or make them to repent till today. Who is fooling who here?

If some people have a short memory, I do not. I remember how instead of embracing the Pastor Vice President and his APC government, some people went after the Redeemed Christian Church and even its respected General Overseer Pastor Adeboye. It was Christians that did that; these same Christians today and Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN); not Muslims. 

I know why they did that and I will say it. They were so much invested in the People's Democratic Party (PDP) government especially from 2011 to 2015, were fed fat and large on our common wealth that as at 2015, they were ready to hand over their Churches and Christianity to the devil to keep that osusu flowing. 

If everyone else has forgotten; because we are too short memoried, I have not forgotten about the money that was shared to Christian Clergy in 2015; so much so that a Catholic Reverend Father in the South East that I know said that when his Bishop called him and gave him his own share, all his life as a Priest he had not shared from such political money. They say it is not everything one sees that one says but there are times that call for everything to be laid bare under the sun and no better time than now that we all must rise up and say the truth and halt the madness.

Such Christians that are shouting today, for the last seven years said they were praying but they were only praying 'dangerous' prayers and uttering curses on the nation and the leader of the nation; even praying death. Many of us can bear me witness because many of such are all in public domain. Thankfully God does not answer prayers from a wicked and hypocritical heart.

How dare such people think they can advice me or make me to think like them? What is Christ-like about them and their conduct? What manner of Christ-ians will hate a man for no reason and sustain that hate for 7+ years without at any pause to repent and vehemently refuse to support or cooperate with him; even as he struggled to fix the rot of decades past. 

Indeed they even refused to speak the simple truth or acknowledge the modest efforts he is making. And this is a man who for two of the times he ran for President chose Christian Pastors as running mates. What manner of Christ-ians are that?

These are some of the same people who even if you put a gu*n to their he*ad will never vote APC; even if APC picked a Christian Monk from the North. Yet they are trying to mislead and distract everyone else. Why not make a choice and let peace reign? What manner of hypocrisy and witchcraft is that? 

My happiness is that God cannot be mocked. God uses the foolish things of this world to confound the wise. God is the same; yesterday, today and forever. God does not and will not change. He is the unchangeable changer.

In 2009 when President Yar'adua was sick, it was not Christians or CAN that were at the forefront of fighting for Goodluck Jonathan to be made Acting President. It was Muslims like Mallam Nasir El-rufai (who they hate today) alongside people like Pastor Tunde Bakare, Oby Ezekwesili and others of Save Nigeria Group (SNG) and I humbly joined them because what is right is right (I did not see Jonathan as a Christian, neither did the others) and it happened to the glory of God. 

When Jonathan eventually became full President, 'bling bling' Pastor Oritsejafor and his CAN took over and religion in politics got on steroids. Was he not the one that ferried dollars in cash to South Africa on the pretext of going to buy arms for Nigeria? Having tasted the forbidden fruit of money in politics, they swore never to let go. This is simply what you are seeing driving today. As Dino Melaye would say; if you speak the truth, you die, if you don't speak the truth, you will still die; why not speak the truth and die rightfully. 

If not for the carnal mindedness of today's Christianity is Nigeria, many would have pondered and heard better what the spirit of God sayeth. 
In 2015, they brought all their arsenal, accentuated hatred, lies, bigotry, divide and rule and emotional blackmail to high heavens, yet they failed. 
Once again in 2019, they upped the ante and did everything humanly possible, yet again they failed.
Once more as we approach 2023, they have started again. 

Do they need a prophet to tell them that they will likely fail again? God is not man; His thoughts not our thoughts and his ways far removed from the ways of men.

I have made myself clear enough on this. From today, I will face what really matters - the future and the direction ahead. I will continue to support Nigeria and President Buhari in his imperfect but untiring efforts and I will prove to Nigerians why they should not touch anything that the current CAN and hypo-christians touch or align with; even with a long pole.

Thank God I can beat my chest and publicly say neither Buhari nor APC has given me shishi or any appointment or contract since 2015. The man dies when his conscience dies.

God bless every worthy Christian and non Christian in Nigeria.

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