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Thursday, July 21, 2022

Moral Standard: Pelican Valley CEO Rewards 16 Best Behaved Students In Ikorodu School

 •R -L, Adeyemo, beneficiary student and her mother 

| The Daily Crucible | Thursday, July 21, 2022

From addressing housing needs of Nigerians at home and in diaspora through real estate, jobs creatiion to fostering food security and self - sustaining community via an emerging Pelican's Gateway Economic Autarky project  - a three sub - project namely; The Pelican's Ecostay Apartments, The Pelican Brief Estate, The Pelican's Greenish Acres Farm Estate and The pelican Farm Market in Ogun State, the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Pelican Valley Nigeria Ltd, Dr Babatunde Adeyemo, has taken further steps to become a preacher and moulder of good conduct and integrity to young Nigerians. 

To Adeyemo, building the minds that would build a great nation tomorrow means catching them while they are still young and moulding them for the better Nigeria of every patriotic Nigerian's dream.

And building a society full of these calibre of youths with sound morals and upbringing,  to him, also means taken it upon himself to make identifying and rewarding well behaved pupils in prepatory class and up to the Senior Secondary School (SS3) levels an annual event.

This year, Dr Adeyemo extended this outreach to Great Omega International Schools on Akin Adepoju Drive, Ibeshe - Titun, Ikorodu - Lagos on Wednesday where he encouraged and rewarded 16 of the school's youngsters who were adjudged to be the best behaved ones during the just concluded academic session and graduation ceremony.

  •R -L, Adeyemo, beneficiary student and his mother 

The Real Estate player fetes the beneficiaries with certificate of recognitions and cash gifts as sustenance boosters to their good conduct.

Adeyemo said the initiative started two years ago and will run continually as his own contribution towards encouraging and producing young Nigerians with good morals and integrity for betterment of the country today and tomorrow.

"I am doing that to change the narrative, In anything you do in life character is everything, I have come to realize that from my case study. I realized that those that are thriving are those that were average,  but they had good character. 

"For me goodwill and integrity is a successful pillar for any man who wants to attain greater height in life. 

"If you want to excel while creating jobs, you must have integrity and good character. In pelican we lay so much emphasis on goodwill and integrity. 

 R -L, Adeyemo, beneficiary student and her mother 

"I personally made this award because i so much appreciate honesty, good character and creativity. It is the narrative in the country has changed, I want to send a note of caution to the parents by urging their children to potray good morals, because excellence without character is nothing We should encourage our children to potray good character and that is what is going to take them to the next level. 

"The best thing we can do is to start changing the narrative from this level. We at the Pelican Valley so much believe in character and goodwill that is why we sponsored this award," he said.

Adeyemo who was recently adjudged as the 'Poster Boy of Real Estate' in the Gateway State, said if one could change the orientation of Nigerians at their formative years, they would not have it in mind to engage in fraudulent activities.

He submitted that the award and recognition would help reduce crime, hooliganism and juvenile deliquencies  when students know they are being watched and will be rewarded for good conduct. 

The Principal of Great Omega International Schools, Mr Nwani Stanley, told The Daily Crucible how this tradition has been helpful to the student He stated" 

Mr Adeyemo the CEO of Pelican Valley has been very wonderful. He is bringing moral in this 21st century to limelight, for instance, if someone scored first class but lacked good conduct, that person is not employable, you will prefer someone with academic excellence and good conduct. 

On how the beneficiaries were derived, he said, "We evaluate the students, including their interactions with other class mates and we emphasize on performance in academic. In this aspect, it has become very competitive. He did it during our Inter - House sports and we are very grateful to him for this support."

One of the students who was a beneficiary of the Award Akinlade Daniela an SS3 graduate also expressed gratitude to Mr Adeyemo 

"I want to say a very big thank you to Pelican for this yearly reward, May God bless all that you do, this award has really helped us and shapened us, we all strive to become good representative of our school and the society wherever we found ourselves."

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