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Friday, July 15, 2022

Founders Day: AGSOBA Vows To Retrieve 72.8 Acres Of Encroached School Land

••• To Storm The Land Tomorrow With Security Reinforcement 

| The Daily Crucible | Friday, July 15, 2022

By Ayobami Ife, Abeokuta

Scared students and old students of Abeokuta Grammar School, Idi - Aba, Ogun State have escaped attack from people suspected to be hirelings of alleged land grabbers who encroached on the school land.

The incident happened when the old students of the school under the aegis of Abeokuta Grammar School Old Boys Association(AGSOBA) led by the President - General AGSOBA Global, Chief Sunday Oduntan were inspecting about a kilometre long perimeter fence being erected around the school to ward off encroachers and secure the students ahead of 114th Founders Day anniversary celebration tomorrow.

Trouble started on Wednesday when AGSOBA members and accompanying students  got to a section of the 72.8 acres of the school land where the alleged land grabbers had carried out some building projects and as they passed by, the suspected agents of the land grabbers emerged from a building under construction allegedly on the school land, claiming they were being videoed by an AGSOBA member.

In the ensuing commotion, they threatened to bring harm upon the old and current students of the school on the spot if they tried to disturb them, forcing scared stiff students and others to flee to the direction of the school. 

Although, the entourage was accompanied by three armed policemen, yet the suspected hirelings were not deterred with one of them ordering an armed policeman  to get out of the way.

Speaking to a reporter, the President - General AGSOBA Global, Chief Sunday Oduntan, vowed that they would deploy all legitimate means to retrieve the school land, lamenting at the impunity with which land grabbers had encroached on the said land without giving a hoot to any consequence.

He said: "This is not the first time, they have done that (violence)  more than five times. They beat up one of our members before, they are violent. I don't whether you undrstand Yoruba. One person among them came to me and said I kill for a living. I want to kill six of you. I discovered today that those Police officers you saw that accompanied us, they are not trained police officers. They don't know their job.

"So, we are going to call for a reinforcement and make sure that the place is secured. We are going there again on Saturday morning. By we will be there. What we have done today was just a rehearsal. We are going there with many old students from abroad and at home. We will go there and nothing will happen. 

"It is our land, you could see they are doing foundation. Nigeria has become a country of impunity where nobody cares, where people think they can do anything without been caught or without any consequence

"We know what is going on. I'm a high chief of Egbaland from Ilugun to Berger, that is Egbaland. So, we know what is going on, we know what people are doing on our(school) land and what people are up to.  We expect everything and anything. I was not surprised. Today, I tried to hold one of them. I was ready for violence because I knew they would want to attack us. And the security operatives that were with us could not do their work, they couldn't even secure themselves. We will plan for all of those things against Saturday."

 Addressing the press earlier on Wednesday on the activities to mark the 114th Founder’s Day celebration of the school, Chief Oduntan said that despite the resistance by those who encroached on the school land, AGSOBA is making progress and would do everything possible to reclaim the 72.8 acres land back.

According to him, some of the activities lined up for the anniversary are the inauguration of projects, lectures and the annual general meeting. 

Oduntan, who lamented the high rate of cultism and other criminal activities among secondary school students in the state, said society is bearing the brunt of poor parenting of children.

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