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Friday, July 8, 2022

Ekweremadus: Organs And Race Of British Magisterial Justice

| The Daily Crucible | Friday, July 8, 2022

By Vitus Ozoke

A serving Nigerian senator and his wife have been sitting in a British prison cell since June 23 on charges that are already falling apart in their key elements. They are being held without bond, and will be there until at least August 4, the next court date. Question: When was the last time a white man was held beyond 24 hours in a Nigerian jail? I'm just curious.

Colonial British committed the worst crimes against humanity in Nigeria and other African and third world countries. They stole resources from their former colonies with which they developed their country. Shell, a British corporation, is responsible for tens of thousand deaths in the Niger Delta region of Nigeria alone. Communities and their environments have been permanently destroyed even as Shell and other British oil and oil servicing corporations are making record profits. Thousands of Nigerians are today suffering chronic respiratory diseases because of the activities of Shell and other British energy corporations.

For all we know, Senator Ekweremadu's daughter might be suffering the consequences of British lucrative oil business in Nigeria. In all these atrocities that have chronically sickened, maimed, and killed tens of thousands of Nigerians, no single Brit has ever spent a night in a Nigerian jail cell. Not even the commonest Brit. Yet, a serving Nigerian senator and his wife have been denied bail, been sitting in a British prison cell since June 23, and will be so confined until at least August 4, the next court date. The Ekweremadus own a home in London. If the British magisterial authorities fear that they would jump bail, why not release them on bond and place them on house arrest?

Look, I have been reluctant to call it what it is. But this is straight up racism. This is how I know it is racism: If an American senator openly committed murder in Trafalgar Square in Central London, the same British magistrate that has denied bail to the Ekweremadus since June 23 to at least August 4, would have granted him bail the morning after. What gave the British magistrate the high was the claim that the boyman was 15 years old. That claim has since been debunked, and the British magistrate has admitted that. So why is this British magistrate still high?

If it is now known to the British magistrate that the boyman is a pathological liar, having claimed to be 15 when he is 22, why not give the Ekweremadus, or one of them, the benefit of the doubt? What's the rationale for holding both Sen. Ike Ekweremadu and his wife in prison, and extending their jail without bail by another month, on a day that it became evident that the boyman is a liar from the very pit of hell? Okay, if you must hold somebody in jail without bond, why not hold on to the senator but send the wife home to their London home on home arrest so she can care for their ailing child? Does the interest of the Ekweremadus' ailing child, the reason the parents are in trouble in the UK, even factor into the serial moronic decisions of this racist British magistrate? This is racism, and this British magistrate should be thoroughly ashamed of herself.

Irony couldn't be any more cruel. On the same day this racist magistrate was extending the Ekweremadus' jail without bond, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson was resigning his prime ministership for being a serial crook. Yet, after announcing his resignation, Boris Johnson went back to living in 10 Downing Street. To think that the British jail cell housing a Nigerian senator and his wife was probably built with resource wealth stolen from Nigeria by colonial Britain makes it all the more infuriating. Sad.

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