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Sunday, June 26, 2022

Tragedy: 22 Die Inside South African Nightclub

 •Foto : Daily Despatch

| The Daily Crucible | Sunday, June 26, 2022 

Over 22 revelers were picked up dead in a popular nightclub in East London, South Africa by the police and paramedics who were called to respond to the emergency.

The predawn tragedy occurred at Enyobeni Tavern in the city on Sunday.

The victims were largely young adults aged between 18 and 20, according Daily Dispatch reports 

Grieving relatives of the victims who have  still not been able to see the remains of their loved ones.

Some locals have demanded shutting down of the venue.

Unofficial information had it that the handlers of the nightclub asked the reverers to leave the venue at the closing hour but they refused.

It was said that the handlers locked them in and afterwards sprayed substance into their midst, believing that the occasioning discomfort would force them to exit but the act proved lethal.

For lack of sufficient ventilation, the alleged spray turned poisonous substances as the victims began to drop to floor and chocked to death.

Some other sources  claimed there was stampede inside the tavern.

However, the police have said they will not be given to hearsays and speculations surrounding the incident.

“The incident is still under investigation, we do not want to make any speculations at this stage,” Tembinkosi Kinana, the police spokesperson, said.

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