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Saturday, June 18, 2022

Integrity In The Current Nigerian Political Space: A Trap In Disguise

The Daily Crucible | Saturday, June 18, 2022

 By Kunle Alaye

The word integrity seemingly appears dominating the political waves in Nigeria currently. Ironically, even those who are unrepentantly battered with heavy moral burden are also claiming to be men of integrity..

Though, I may not have a sacrosanct statistics or justifications to determine who can be best identified with the word integrity, among all the prominent candidates of different political parties trending in the country at the moment. However, there are more conspicuous indices to back some arguments here.

It is indeed quite insolent or deceptive of some personalities who are best personified as crude, pen-terrorists, atrocity-crusaders with high sense of criminal records, coming out here, to claim saint. Especially, on the social media to deceive Nigerians, that integrity is their middle names or that they live on "Saint Street"

By empirical review or theoretically, the word integrity in Nigeria political space, can be conceptualised in different ways, such as: Political Integrity, Financial Integrity, Ethnic Integrity, Nepotistic Integrity and patrimonial integrity. In order words, if anyone frees from any of these types above, then we can say he/she is a man or woman of integrity.

Most often than not, we are so comprehensively hasty, oblivious or dialectically incommunicado when we evaluate, juxtapose or make comparative assessment of politicians with integrity.

We are sometimes beclouded by ethnic sentiments, religious or secularists tendencies, nepotistic or partisan sympathy among other deceitful operational strategies.

The above are perennial strategies which are often used these days to cajole and deceive well meaning Nigerians, whom out of large hearts and dogmatic nature, often fall into such "Trap" and wrong hands of crude and bunch of un-identical politicians with terrible plans.

It is a "trap" and very sad that out of our gullibility, we still fall a prey. This is the time to resist all forms of "political sentimentalism/conspiratoriaism". Those who claim to be saint should convince us of such an extent and not by utopian rhetorics and fallacious permutations.

I make bold to say here that any politician whose campaign slogan dwells so much around integrity remains the worst, hypothetical and fake in entirety. " An aphorism says: "Don't tell me what you are rather prove to me you are."

At this current situation of Nigerian politics, we have got to come up with the best choice among the choices before us. Let no one reference anyone with appellation of "bullion van", age, or health circumstances. The most healthy person today can be cordoned with a terminal disease tomorrow. 

That BAT, use a "bullion van" during the election he was not even contesting nor he ever served in the government as a demarketing paradigm by some mischiefs is not only delusional but politically childish. 

As I write here today, among the three major candidates of the "WAZOBIA" whom can we trace criminal records to him or have one way or the other found his name in any formal criminal record?. Including foreign restrictions especially to the United States.

I am not campaigning in this article. Rather I despise when people whose middle names can be best called crime or atrocity, are pretending to be saint or man of integrity. 

Please let us all devoid of mere and unfounded sentiments and do the needful by voting and endorsing the right person for the job.

Kunle Alaye, (M.A) Brandenburg,
Department of Political Science and International Relations, Chrisland University Abeokuta Ogun State Nigeria.

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