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Wednesday, June 29, 2022

IMCOSA Reunites At 60th Anniversary, Spends Over N100m On Alma Matar In 25Yrs

| The Daily Crucible | Wednesday, June 29, 2022

By Mariam Adekunle, Abeokkuta

It was a warm homecoming for the pioneer students of Ijebu Muslim College Ijebu Ode under the auspices of Ijebu Muslim College Old Students Association (IMCOSA), 1962 - 68 set.

There were about 100 of them, in their teens and all with great enthusiaism, hope and determination when the gate of the school was opened for them in January 1962.

It was an exciting moment of reunion recently as they converged to take stocks,  dine and wine together once again together as they marked the 60th anniversary (Diamond Jubilee celebration) of the 62 - 68 set in Ijebu Ode.

It was a moment for them to also appraise the college that had contributed to the heights they had all attained in life.

They patted at each other's back, having realised that through what they considered as a modest contribution, they had spent over N100m in the last 25 years in series of interventions to improve the academic and infrastructural facilities in their Alma Matar.

The set named some of the interventions to include members' annual contribution of almost N300,000:00k for medical supplies to school health clinic, resuscitation of hostel/boarding system, building of blocks of classrooms, facility, dualization of the road leading to the school compound among others.

Elated past President of IMCOSA, Engr. Hamed Babajide Lawal told The Daily Crucible that they decided to mark the Diamond year in appreciation of God for keeping them alive, and for what they have been able to achieve in individually and as set over the years.
IMCOSA 1962 -'68 set

Lawal who also doubled as the Publicity and Publications Committee chairman of the 60th anniversary, urged students of the College to reciprocate the good gesture of the 62 - 68 set by making profitable use of the various interventions in the institution to enhance their studies.

He described as "unfortunate," the ongoing strike action in public universities in Nigeria by the Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU), and called on the lecturers and Federal Government(FG) to address the issues in the interest of students and the nation.

He urged ASUU to be patient with the government even as he appealed to the FG not to take the patient of the lecturers for granted, warning that the prolonged strike if not called off, could prime some of the idle students into unwholesome ventures.

"ASUU strike is an unfortunate development, it shouldn't happen at all but we should not treat ASUU strike in isolation. We should take the whole country, there are people protesting everywhere and that has to do with the state of the nation's economy.

"So, my plea to lecturers to be patient with the government and the government should not take their patient for granted. They should sit down together and deliberate on the quick way forward for the sake of public university students who are still at home. And you know that they say, 'an idle hand is the devil's workshop.' They should try to make them busy with the right thing and you know if they are not busy, they try their hands on the Yahoo Yahoo wahala. Nobody wants any child to be involved in that," he said.

Also, the serving President of IMCOSA 62 - 68 set, Ademola Shote, said it was a moment of pleasant celebration but lamented that they were not happy with the general drop in the standard of education at public secondary schools across the country.

Shote called for a return to era of merit, qualitative assessment and end to mass promotion of students, saying it is the way to redeem the situation.

He said: "You see, in our days , when we entered secondary School, you have to merit admission to school. Today, you just go in there. Whether you merit it or not, they just push you in and when you keep pushing them like that, there will be no quality. Quality has been relegated to the back door. And in our days, when you were a student, you strove to be first among equals, there was competition getting promoted to the next class but these days, it is just mass promotion. So, you can't compare the quality of education now to what obtained then. My suggestion is this: Let's go back to qualitative education assessment.

"We have to go back to qualitative assessment. If we continue to do mass promotion and mass admission, we will continue to get the same poor result. Unless we change the system, change our orientations. This should come from home. A lot of parents encourage their children and wards to cheat. Education has lost its value here. 

"In our time, the craze to go to government school was the in thing. The craze that you werere in a government school was a thing of pride, but today secondary school run by  the state or federal government is less fancied. People would want to send their children and wards to private secondary school because that is where you have quality. Now you get what you paid for. That is it. The government has relegated its service in that area to the background."

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