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Thursday, June 2, 2022

I Agree With Tinubu

Tinubu & Dapo Abiodun yesterday in Abeokuta

The Daily Crucible | Friday, June 3, 2022

By Aminu Muhammad

We have the right not to like Tinubu. But, let the truth be told, his alliance with Buhari in 2014 contributed immensely to the victory of Buhari in the 2015 election. 
Yes, Buhari always win the core Northern votes, except Borno but, we must not forget that the Tinubu's influence extended outside South West. In Kogi State for example, Audu Abubakar was Tinubu's man. In Benue State, George Akume was with Tinubu then, In Edo State he had as his man Adams Oshionhole. Buhari was able to win in Kogi and Benue for the first time. He equally scored far more than the required 25% in Edo for the first time since 2003. That was why these states where Buhari couldn't score upto 5% of votes in previous elections, he even won by scoring over 50% in some and obtaining more than the required 25% in the others.

Of course we should not forget that before the 2011 elections, there were discussions between Buhari and Tinubu which failed at the 11th hour. We should not forget how Jonathan flew to Lagos in the dead of the night to secure Tinubu's support. And that made him to defeat Buhari even with ACN's Ribadu in the contest. It was meaningless supporting Ribadu then because he was never going to win. I remember aside Oyo State where Buhari got about 10% votes and Lagos where he got little below 10%, he performed woefully in all of the South. The entire South. In all the other South West states, he scored less than 5% while in all the South South and South East states, he scored less than 1% except in Edo where he got about 2%.

If we now compare the scores with the 2015 elections, we will see that in all the South Western states, Buhari won convincingly by scoring more than 50% in all except Ekiti because of the Fayose factor. Even in same Ekiti where he scored I think less than 4% four years earlier against same opponent, he scored over 40%. More the required 25%. All that while his Campaign Director General and sitting Governor of Rivers State couldn't give him 5% of votes cast in his state, under his watch.
Nobody should even bring in Ogbonnaya Onu. Yes, he was part of the tink tank for the merger but, what did he bring to the table in terms of votes? What did Buhari score in his native Abia State? Less than 4%. Aside Imo which gave Buhari about 18% because of Rochas factor, no state in Onu's region gave upto 5%. Just imagine if Tinubu also to the table same way Ogbonnaya Onu came?

Let us also don't forget that most of the Social Media propaganda which very largely and successfully propelled the Buhari's campaign then were largely orchestrated by the Tinubu people. I may not like Tinubu but, I won't deny him his very stamping political worth. It is even impossible to deny him his political worth.

Now to Dapo Abiodun

Personally, I don't see any big deal in Tinubu referring to him as Eleyi (This One). These are two people who have worked together. One as a beneficiary and the other as a Benefactor. There are people in this country who will also look at Tinubu and refer to him as Eleyi. Even as President, I am sure there people who can refer to Buhari as wanna and without in anyway meaning to be disrespectful. I don't see it as insult. I am also convinced Dapo doesn't see it that way. Na we carry am for head. 

Anyone who followed Ogun politics in 2019 will know that there was no way Dapo would have emerged Governor without the support of someone big, someone strong sent by God. When God is ready to make one, He raises the right people and place them in his camp. God raised Tinubu for Dapo in 2019. Dapo won against a sitting Governor in the same party. I doubt if such has so happened anywhere in our polity since 1999. Amosun as a sitting Governor had a preferred candidate. Amosun as a sitting Governor had the ears and nose of the President. Amosun as a sitting Governor was power drunk and desperate to have his way. But, Dapo defeated Amosun and his anointed candidate by winning the party's ticket thereby forcing Amosun to remain in APC but, used the state resources to sponsor and propel his preferred candidate in another party. Still, Dapo convincingly defeated Amosun's candidate. Even Dapo know he couldn't have been able to achieve that. And certainly, Osinbajo couldn't have contributed to that in any meaningful way too because, he had his own survival battle to fight then at the center.

Yes, Tinubu has his faults. But isn't God the only one free from all forms of imperfections? Yes, Tinubu isn't my preferred candidate as at today but, I will be unfair to deny his special place in the politics of this country.

Me oh, no be Tinubu I fear to be President, Na Remi I fear to be First Lady.

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