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Monday, June 13, 2022

Fear Of Impending Foreign Conquest Howling Everywhere On Deaf Ears


| The Daily Crucible | Tuesday, June 14, 

By Femi Kusa

Everywhere in the land, the fear of an impending foreign conquest is everywhere, gathering storm, and it would appear it is only a question of time before the dam breaks for history to repeat itself. For hasn't the history of mankind been that of one group of homogenous people or a tribe of men overcoming another, taking them as slaves and appropriating their land in a universe rightly ruled by the law under which the strong overcomes the weak? There is no question of morality in this. It is all about warfare in nature. The lizard eats the insect, something else eats the lizard, and something eats that something. Constant alertness keeps everything awake, strong and alive. 

The videos which are flying about and prophesizing impending doom may be mere efforts by some persons who think they are smart and capitalising on the emotion of fear to make money in the financially tough time from YouTube conversations. But their net effect is the sowing of fear in the souls of men. There is no doubt that fear is not a living essence. It is nevertheless, the visible astral form of the consciousness of a human soul which continues to exist for as long as the originator or author fuels it with more material of it's nature . Thus, clairvoyants may see a world of thought forms of fear. As the videos which torment the soul with fear of doom and death spread around, they may form a power center which Christians call principality. There are, of course, different principalities, each one homogenous in the nature of thoughts which engineered it and the purpose it is to serve.
Fear weakens the soul and deprives it of energy to take positive actions against the object of fear. In fact, fear lowers a bridge to what is feared and lets it in. Even when the people we fear have no evil intentions towards us, may our thoughts not reach them and sow the seeds of attack in their souls. Can our fear of them not also make them fear us in the harvest of the seeds of fear we sowed? Can we sow rice and harvest corn? Evidence of the powerlessness to which fear reduces the fickle mind is that we are all talking about what we fear but are not taking action against it.


Since the fear is largely about Lagos metropolis, it is so easy to blame our powerlessness on the government of Lagos State. I have heard people ask themselves why Lagos does not have an Amotekun watchdog. I often reply that the Lagos plate is full. We are about 30 million people or more in this state. We have no tangible mineral resources. We are the most densely populated state in Nigeria. We need more roads than any other state. Our classrooms are over filled with children. Where is the extra money to build more schools and hire more teachers? If we adjust "free education" to invite parents to support the government with N1000 per child per term, will there be no outcry? Yet we can afford Aso ebi(social party uniform) every month! If the invading army rides not horses but motorcycles nowadays and we try to limit the number of motorcycles in Lagos as a first step towards eliminating them, will there be no outcry? Do we realise we must give up some comfort for our security, our lives? What comfort? In 1966, there was no bus service between Maryland and Ikeja, and we didn't die. During the 1969 Benin vs Ibadan FA cup final at onikan stadium, I walked from this stadium on Lagos island to police college, Ikeja, where my parents lived, and I didn't die. When I got a job at The Daily Times on Kakawa street in 1971, I walked from Pedro side of Ladilak to Apata in Somolu area everyday to catch a molue (Bedford)bus to Idumota and , from there ,walked through Martins street and the Marina to my office, and I didn't die. By 11pm everyday, oshinowo or Benson transport service, the equivalent of today's LAG BUS in the private sector , would make me disembark at Igbobi bus stop from where I would walk home for 45 minutes or one hour. No one died of walking in those days. And that is probably why many people of my generation are still alive till today. My grandmother, the elder sister of Baba Alajo shomolu, the fabled thrift collector, told stories of how her generation walked from Ijebu ode to Lagos in three days with tins of palm oil and sacs of garri to sell in Lagos. Some of the women had babies on the way. Those mothers and their babies survived. Baba Alajo Shomolu died about 97. He was a daily sight on his bicycle from one market to another. He would hand roll his bicycle on the pedestrian foot bridge at Onipanu, across the 10-lane ikorodu road, on his way through Kayode street to the markets in Mushin, especially Baba OloSha market! Why is the present generation unwilling or afraid to walk and compromise their security, their lives, for the easy life? 

The only advice I have for Lagos State government for now is that Lagos deserves a visible motorised force like Amotekun. I can see cabinet members scratching their heads and wondering where the money will come from. To this question, I would say it will come from within Lagos but not from the purse of the government. But how? Our fathers say Oro Didun Lon ya Obi L'apo. (Sweet Words bring kolanut from out of the listener's pockets for felicitation. It is all about fund raising , good marketing and the visible product. The principles of successful fund raising include small amounts spread over many people every month. Lagos should be able to boast of one million committed persons who , unfailingly will contribute N100 (One hundred naira ) to the fund.This can be a humble beginning. The government does not have to impose a levy. It can give public spirited citizens a dedicated bank account to make their widow's mite contribution. In my school days at Olivet Baptist High School, Oyo (1964-68), we contributed our widow's mite as children towards a fund to build Baptist university in Nigeria. Hasn't that dream been achieved now?  In my Higher School Certificate (HSC) days at Igbobi college in Lagos (1969-70), we contributed money for the suffering Africans in South Africa. When I had the privilege to look after Shakirat Adeoti, the microbiology graduate who was challenged with cancer in both breasts and took to schools, churches and mosques to raise money for her medical bills, I often shed tears at the responses of children. Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu was governor of Lagos State at that time. His government gave Shakirat N1 million for her hospital bills. Remi, the first lady gave her N250,000. Every festive occasion, the first lady gave the family all sort of foodstuff and money.

What Iam trying to say is that Nigerians are good donors for worthy causes if they can see what work their money is doing for them. So, Aabo Eko(Lagos safety or security) will be well funded by public donations if it is well marketed.
There is no time to waste. I said in earlier posts that, as the Bible forewarns us, from him who hath none, even that which he has will be taken and given to the one who has. We hate our land, curse it and flee to other people's lands simply because some of us are not making the country to work. Is the blame ours or that of the land? The land is vast and arable. We abandon it. Those who have no land and have been roaming in the continent for centuries envy us. They did not mind to live in our forests with snakes and wild animals. They invited more of their kindred in. From the forests, they moved to our villages abandoned by the aborigines for Europe and America. From the villages they poured into the town's and cities, sometimes outnumbering our population. Suddenly, we understand what is going on. Those folks who live and sleep under the bridges and in open spaces appreciate the good life, too. They want to live in block houses with corrugated iron sheets where piped water runs, where there are beds and pillows, where there are kitchens and cooking pots. They envy us. We fear them. Envy leads to hatred. Hatred can lead to murder. Now, we are witnessing mass murder. We fear a war is not too distant.

 But who is doing what to save the land? Fear is paralysing. We appear paralysed because we feel encircled, suffused. The enemy is reading fear on our faces and inaction in our hearts and hand. Any lover of safety and security will support government moves in this direction including the ban on motorcycles and a fund for public safety.

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