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Friday, June 24, 2022

Ekeweremadu's Scandal: Too Hasty To Crucify The Nigerian Senator

 • Ekweremadu, Wife inside UK Court

| The Daily Crucible | Friday, June 24, 2022

By Kunle Alaye

Much as I do not want to vindicate the Ekeweremadu's family, from the trending  allegations of organ harvesting in the United Kingdom. I also do not want us as individual to get too emotional or carried away unecessarily with the strife of the entire scenario.This is because it is all encompassing and holistic to dissect.

I have carefully monitored a different twists, to the appalling situation, from different dimensions. Whilst, all could be best assembled as mere allegations and subjective views of many individuals until a competent court eventually finds them guilty.

It is very crucial to follow up the story with objective and independent mind. Not just in our usual "toxic reactions" to issues with Nigerian politicians. Though we could barely see anything worthwhile, from them (politicians) sequel to their antecedents. However, it is important we look at this particular incident very critically.

I am not unaware of the unrepentant level of "trust issues" between Nigerians and the political elites, which of course has apparently made it so difficult to barely see anything good or honest in their dealings. Sad enough, some have even alleged the family of ritual killings. This is pretty heartbreaking.

However, with the poor case of the Nigerian senator (Ekweremadu), we need to be very unspiteful, insightful with trend of the story and remain unbiased in our views.

On the 28th of December, 2021, the senator of the upper chamber of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, wrote to the United Kingdom Embassy, requesting a visa for Mr Ukpo Nwamini David, to travel to the United Kingdom with his daughter for a kidney transplanting.

The background to the story further clears air that the purported donor, Mr Ukpo Nwamini, was much aware and not alien to the pyramid of events, surrounding his trip to Britain but he was cool and fine with the episodic phases of the trip.

Though, the Ekeweremadu's family, unpardonably goofed, especially to have ignored the basic legal and chronological steps to such a case. Which of course, is one of the reasons the family is shattered in such a laborious circumstance.

However, in an an unbiased twist, without any form of emotions, one should also be interested to ask questions like:

Where is the family of Ukpo Nwamini? At least if they are worthy enough to be called parents. They should come out at this stage to say something about their abandoned son.

Why was Ukpo abandoned to the street by his nefarious parents? 

 If British government is charging the Ekeweremadu's family to court for human trafficking, what would Nigerian government be planning to charge Ukpo's parents who has failed and of course, do not deserve to have the child in the first place?

Was Ekeweremadu's family in Ukpo's family home to kidnap the 21 year old boy from his parents?

 Why did Ukpo agree to the terms with the family, to embark on such a trip and choose to abscond? Having discovered his kidney could not work with the senator's daughter. Hence, the reason he raised alarm, because he was not willing to return to Nigeria.

Except, all these above questions and every other background issues attached to the whole matter, are answered. It is very wrong and prejudicial, to crucify the family for looking for a way out to save the life of their daughter.

Rather, I would crucify many Nigerian parents including Ukpo's parents who often bring innocent children to this world, without proper arrangements to take care of them. Thus, expose them to danger. I make bold to say here that some people do not deserve to have a child at all. Let alone having children!

Though, we could say the approach explored by the family may be contestable. However, it is not entirely condenmnable but the act of both Ukpo's parents and Nigerian government who has failed to propagate a "Child's Right should be condenmed. 

Kunle Alaye, Department of Political Science and International Relations Chrisland University Abeokuta Ogun State Nigeria.

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  1. I am choosing to reach the writer of this piece on Facebook. He probably didn't follow the story well or was hasty in pushing an alibi for the former Deputy Senate President.