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Monday, May 16, 2022

Religion And Beliefs: What If We're Wrong?

The Daily Crucible | Monday, May 16, 2022

By Tony Amaefuna

Parents, Teach Your Children That It Is Plain Stupidity To Die In Defence Of God Or Religion.

The Fate Of Young People Like Leah Sharibu And Deborah Yakubu Would Have Been Different If They Were Not Brainwashed, Conditioned And Indoctrinated By Their Parents, Religious Leaders And Society Generally.

Defending A Belief System At All Cost Without Reservation Is Also A Form Of Religious Extremeism And Fanaticism.

Any Form Of Ideological Rigidity Without Composite Rational Thinking Is Plain Stupidity And Can Be Extremely Dangerous.

In Reality, There Is No Much Difference Between The Islamist Extremists Who Believe That They Are Defending Their God And The Defiant Victims Who Died Believing That They Are Defending Their Faith In God.  

As Humans In Contemporary Society, We Are All Contributors To The Sad Fate Of These Young Nigerians Because They Died As A Direct Results Of What We Propagate And What We Allow Them To Assimilate As Our Social Consciousness.

While We Castigate And Condemn Our Northern Muslim Brothers For Their Lack Of Tolerance And Perceived Penchant To Employ Violence As A Means Of Maintaining Religious Decorum And Sanctity, We The Christian's Should Also Be Willing To Admit That We Are Not So Much Different From Them. 

Any Human Being Who Is Willing To Kill For God/Allah Is Not Different From A Human Being Who Is Willing To Die For God/Allah.

These Are All Forms Of Extremeism. The Only Difference Is That While The Former Is Active Extremeism, The Later Can Pass For Passive Extremeism.

Nobody Should Die For God. 

Dieing For God Is Madness. It Is Clinical Insanity.

Such Traits And Fanatical Behavior Belong To The Dark Ages And Ordinarily Should Have No Place In Modern Human Society.

While We Castigate Islam, We As Christians Should Embark On A Detailed Soul Searching And Initiate Epiphanies That Will Help Us Tackle And Moderate Some Archiac Dogmas And Outdated Philosophies That Deemphasizes The Value Of Human Life.

Philosophies Of Martyrdom Should Ordinarily Have No Place In The Psychology Of Modern Human Beings And The Idea Of Life After Death Should Be Reviewed As These Concepts Form The Basis Of The Motivation For People Who Would Rather Chose To Die Today Than Live To Fight Another Day.

The Religious Concept Of Martyrdom And The Doctrine That Suggests That Anyone Who Became A Martyr Will Be Guaranteed Sainthood And Immediate Residence In Heaven Is An Outdated Religious Philosophy Which Has Destructive Tendencies For Both Muslims And Christians. 

All Martyrs Both In Islam And Christianity Are Regarded As Saints And This Is Very Dangerous As Has Been Examplified By The Savage Acts Of Suicide Bombers At The North Who Believe That They Will Be Rewarded With Seven Virgins With Unrestricted Access To Swim In A River Of Alcohol And Their Counterpart In The South Who Would Rather Die Than Denounce Christ. 

To These People, A Sit At The Right Hand Side Of God Is Better Than Living A Purposeful Life On Earth And For That Reason, The Value They Place On Life Here On Earth Is Diminished Laying Credence To The Fact That Adopting Belief Systems Without Rational Thinking Is More Dangerous Than Ingesting Cynaide. 

The Undistractable Fact Remains That  For Now, There Is No Concrete Proof Of Life After Death. Such Beliefs Is 100% A Thing Of Faith. 

Intelligent Minds Understand The Fact That As Humans, We Know Absolutely Nothing About Life But Impressionable Minds Who Make Up The Vast Majority Of Humanity Assimilate Religious Ideas Hookline And Sinker Without Thinking Or Asking Salient Questions. 

Most People Of Faith Fall Into The Later Category And They Mostly Refuse To Think, Doubt And Ask Critical Questions Like "What If We Are Wrong"?

Most Are So Carried Away By The Promise Of Heaven And Paradise That They Fail To Understand And Admit That There Is A 50/50 Possibility That They Might Just Wasting Their Only Chance At Life And Consciousness While Hoping To Live Fully In Another Plane Of Existence That May Or May Not Exist.

If Leah Sharibu Had The Right Orientation And Proper Understanding Of The Value Of Her Own Life, She Would Have Known That The Right Thing To Do Was To Accept Momentarily The Request To Denounce Christianity, Which Would Have Saved Her Life And Then Offer Her The Chance To Live And With Life, She Can Subsequently Seek Forgiveness Through Penance When The Coast Is Clear But Alas She And Many Like Her Chose Defiance Due To Indoctrination. 

Today, Many Of The Young Girls Kidnapped In Chibok By Islamic Terrorists Have Been Reunited With Their Families, Some Were Rehabilitated And Sent To America On Scholarships And They Are Alive Today Contributing Their Quota To Human Society While The Whereabout Of Leah Remains Shrouded In Mystery.

According To Reports Of The Recent Mayhem In Sokoto, The Victim Deborah Yakubu Was Offered An Avenue To Apologize For What Appeared To Be An Insult To Allah And The Islamic Faith But She Allegedly Refused Because Of Her Faith And Belief In Her Own Version Of God.

Such Defiance In The Face Of Certain Death Is Not Bravery But Something Else Which I Would Rather Not Mention Out Of Respect For The Dead.

The Onus Falls Back On Parents And Care Givers To Give The Younger Generation The Right Orientation And Teach Them The Right Values

As Parents And Caregivers, We Must Teach Our Young Ones That Value Of Life And The Need To Place Maximum Premium On Its Preservation.

Even Those Who Are Waiting For Heaven Should Be Taught To Live Here And Succeed Here First Before Dreaming Of Paradise.

Our Religious Leaders Need To Come Clean And Make Concerted Efforts To Modify Some Of These Ancient, Archaic, Barbaric Provisions And Counterproductive Tendencies Inherent In Organized Religion. 

Religious Books Especially The Bible And The Koran Which Has Remained Unedited For Almost 1800 to 1500 Years Should Be Updated By Modern Theologians To Conform With Realities And Dynamics Of Our Day And Time.

People Should Not Be Forced, Coerced, Compelled Or Assuaged To Conform And Abide By Outdated Philosophies That Ordinarily Should No Longer Be Actionable In Contemporary Society.

The Fact That The Religious Sphere Of Human Society Still Depend On Ideas And Teachings That Are Over 1500 Years Old Should Be A Cause For Serious Concern And If Modern Day Religious Leaders Fail To Do The Needful Then Organized Religion As Currently Constituted Will Continue To Prove That It Has Outlived It's Usefulness.

The Nigerian Legislature Should Also Get To Work And Enact Laws That Will Moderate The Excesses Of Organized Religion Else Religion Will Perpetuate The Antiquation Of Human Minds And Keep Retrogressing Our Society. 

Rwanda Became One Of The Most Peaceful And Progressive African Nations Today Thanks To The Revolutionary Refinement And Progressive Moderation Of Religion In The Hitherto War Torn Nation.

Nigerian Leaders Should Borrow A Leaf From Kagame And Fish Out All Radical Elements And Propagators Of Hate Who Hide Under The Umbrella Of Religion To Incite Hatred Using The Bible Or Koran And Ensure That They Are All De-robed And Prosecuted Accordingly.

Failure To Heed This Call Will Only Perpetuate Anarchy, Senselesness And The Unnecessary Loss Of Lives And Properties.

May The Soul Of Deborah Yakubu Rest In Peace.

 Pope Tony Obinna Amaefuna

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