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Sunday, May 15, 2022

Prophet Mohammed, Lord Lugard, Deborah Yakubu, Rome And The Romans

By Femi Kusa

Any one who intuitively examined the origins and meanings of popular sayings  may recognise glimses of them. One of the everyday sayings among moslems I have come to better understand are the prayerful words said after the mention of the name of the great, dutiful messanger of the most High God, Prophet Mohammed ... May Allah be upon him. I always like to add to this prayer the following words....Wherever he is. This prayer touches me because I always wonder how I would feel when I am no longer on this Earth and I cannot respond to mountains of lies that fellow human beings may attach to my name and to whatever I did while I was here. Everyday, we experience distortions of history. Till this day, many persons see the nationalist, patriotic, true federalist and futuristic chief Obafemi Awolowo as a villian simply because he did not permit the hoisting of feudalism and backwardness on Nigeria. How would he feel wherever he is now when his name is mangled except he learns to live in the peace of his Creator, ignoring Nigerian affairs, satisfied that he dutifully delivered his errand to this our part of the world? While we are still alive, do we not often see how the tables are often turned against us?. Prophet Mohammed dutifully brought  a Message of peace, Islam, (Submission to the Will Of Allah), to a backward, strife- torn society, but watched, helplessly from his death  bed in old age as some of his powerful followers waging a war on themselves to succeed him began to add their own ideas to the laudable teachings. Any human being who believes he or she can fight God's battles for Him along his fellow men must be a foolish, small mind. He is yet to know of the Mightiness of his Creator. When Jesus was arrested and Peter cut off the ear of one of his Lord's assailants, did Jesus not ask him to sheath his sword and tell him that "whoever kills by the sword will die by the sword?". Allah, whose message Prophet Mohammed brought to Arabia is Life, God. He gave rise to everything. And all His creatures put together have no life of their own not can they ever approach him or overcome him in any contest. He can command underground water surface water the oceans and the seas to rise and consume whichever nations or persons He wishes them to consume, and they would obey Him. His breath can melt the earth and the universe. But he is not a destructive God. He makes allowances for those who disobey Him to repent. And He set a time for the final judgement. He , not man, is the judge of all creatures. And that is why it is said: "Judge not that ye be not judged". A man who says he is fighting the cause of such a mighty being must be an  ignorant or unbalanced person. For the being has already said in Islam that He has set a time for the judgement of all His creatures. Who is man, therefore, to judge his fellow man, let alone kill them?
      Like murderous Islamic fundamentalists, Christians had once been ignorant and stupid. They waged the Crusade, in series of wars, to recover Jerusalem, said to be the Holy Land, from Islamic occupiers. Reportedly, about 1.3 million people out of the 300 million population of Europe at that time, died in those ugly and unecessary wars. Was Constantinople in Turkey not the first Christian capital on earth? Has it not be renamed Instabul after it became wholly occupied by moslems?  Common sense has now dictated the folly in waging another crusade to retake Instabul and rename it Constantinople! But common sense did not prevail during the Spanish inquisition. Between 300 thousand and one million people may also have died in the Spanish Inquisition which is church-backed reprisals against apostates of church teachings. The unbeliever could be given boiling water to drink or thrown into red hot metal or kept in airless see and dark underground dungeons to warn other Christians to stay in line.

Deborah Yakubu

May the peace of Allah be upon prophet Mohammed wherever he is.  When I heard the news of the gruesome murder of Deborah Yakubu in the hands of blood hungry Islamic fundermentalists, the first question I asked myself was:So soon after the  Ramadan? How would the prophet see this wherever he is? Deborah was a second year home economics student of Shehu Shagari College of Education, Sokoto. She participated in a chat group in which, reportedly, she was accused of blaspheming prophet Mohammed. Islamic fundamentalists in the school went for her, stoned her dead, kicked her body hither and tither before finally setting it on fire. The killing is aching to the manner in which two outspoken Northern political gladiators of today reportedly killed some allegedly apostatic Southerners, beheaded the corpses, hung the skulls on a pole and triumphantly and gleefully paraded them around town.
       When I heard of Deborah's murder, I wondered about what she was doing at the shehu Shagari College of Education in Sokoto if she could not behave as Romans in Rome. Did she have to engage anyone in any argument about his or her belief? I do not know the contents of the chats. I assume religious differences may have arisen from them. Even if they were denigrating Jesus, did it not betray their ignorance of Islam and the koran? And did she have to fight the battle of Jesus for him? Should it not have been sufficient for her that the koran describes Jesus as the Spirit of Allah and prophet Mohammed as the messanger of Allah? Did Prophet Mohammed antagonise Jesus and the Christians in Arabia? Did he not sign a treaty with the Christians who knew he was fighting a good cause? Did Christians not help him against his enemies? The recognition of God, like the worship of Him, Is in the Spirit, not in the brain (intellect). Or on the tongue. Were it not so, would not her killers be persons who habitually, not spiritually, touched the earth with their fore head five times  a day, wash their hands, face, mouth, nose, hands and feet to symbolise approach of their maker and surrender to Him in inner cleaniness and fast from sunrise to sunset under one month ago in the Ramadan to become spiritually born again? It shows that, for these people, Islam is a matter in the brain , out of habit, and not in the spirit, the living essence of man. 

Lord Lugard

 What had Lord Lugard and the Amalgamation of northern and southern protectorate of Nigeria got to do with the babarism in the north, I asked some of my friends who still blame every Nigerian woe on the colonial governor of the two parts of Nigeria who brought together in political marriage peoples of drivergent nature? Did Lord Lugard say that, by 2022, we  cannot undo what he did in 1914? Have Bangladesh and Pakistan not gone away from India? Did senegal and  Gambia not unbond from senegambia? In our time, has scotland not made at least two constitutional efforts to pull out of the United kingdom and great Britain? Did the union of soviet socialist republic (USSR)not fall  apart? What about the Chez and the Slovaks of chechoslovakia. Aren't the chez and the slovaks enjoying the fruits of Independent existence today? What about Eritrea, Tigris and Ethiopia?

The Prophet

I was brought up in an orthodox Christian home where Christian  teachings forebade belief in Mohammedanism. We avoided congregational Jumat and other prayers as children. But as I was growing up and concerning myself with existence, and not just Religion, especially after my first Out of Body Experiences  (OBE'S), I came to the Spiritual recognition of God. If you have ever beheld yourself in a two dimensional stage, 100 percent say conscious standing in the middle of your bedroom as the immortal YOU and observing your physical mortal body soundly sleeping in bed, many of the shallow views of life you hold will begin to disappear and you would begin to hunger for higher knowledge. OBEs are not dreams or hallucinations. I have learned to differentiate real dreams from the confusions created by strong impressions  of the frontal brian on the back brain which resembles the  film negatives  with doubles or multiple exposures. In real dreams, the primary colours (Red, yellow, and blue ) are clearly visible. only in 12 May 2022, I had one of such dreams. My father's best friend died about ten years ago, close to 100, followed by his wife, and  ,recently, by their eldest child and daughter. On 12 May 2022,I met their daughter  in a dream. She must have passed at 60 or thereabout but she was looking about half her earth years. I sensed it was not her earth body I was seeing. I followed her to a house in the sitting room of which her mother sat. That was a splendid surprise to me. The next surprise was that her father, my father's best friend, suddenly materialised. He began to give me information about an earthly subject i had been contemplating for about 10 years with INSTRUCTIONS on what I was to do. My intellect rose in defence of why I had not done those things whereas I knew I ought to have. Suddenly, I realised my folly and, as we say, "calmed down" and stopped "raising shoulders". All through the remainder of the night till dawn I was in deep prayer, seeking connections such as I knew existed in the Universe for support. Had I not concerned myself with the search for spiritual knowledge of my origin, home, purpose of my creation and existence on earth at this time, I probably would not have known about these things and more. For only when the student is ready does the teacher arrive. In the course of wondering about existence and if religion was adequate enough to infallibly link one to God, I came upon a deeper understanding of the roles of the prophets and the forerunners, including prophet Mohammed (may the peace of Allah be upon him). I came to recognize that all the messages of the true religions were once willed by God and sent to human beings on earth, each to particular peoples and adapted to their levels of spiritual maturity. This is much in the same way as a professor of mathematics would not be sent to teach arithmetic in Primary schools or a novel laurette in literature asked to teach English language in an adult education class where the students are just beginning to learn how to read and write .Here, I will Concern myself to only Prophet Mohammed as the prophet sent to Arabia where existence was most probably brutish as of  the time of his sojourn on earth. The message he brought was to the Arabians. It may take some of them more than one earth life to understand it. If they would not put themselves in a box and cage themselves up, they would learn of other messages sent to other parts of the world which can further enrich their spiritual knowledge. Most probably, this was why the prophet urged moslems to not forsake education and knowledge in other lands. If I limited myself to Christian Church teachings I will not know of errors which mankind factored into the true teachings of Jesus. I will not come near Islam, let alone appreciate prophet Mohammed. Many moslems do not know much about prophet Mohammed. To broach this subject, let me start from the level of mother nature we all, Christians or mostems, bhuddists or zorastarians or followers or Krishna, are more familiar with. There is no SUDDENESS IN CREATION. Look at even the multi-coloured leaves of a plant. Each color pales into another. It does not suddenly begin to rain. Night does not suddenly come upon us just as the day does not suddenly break. There is always a period or periods of preparation. Even in health situations, do we suddenly fall ill? There must be progressions from one point to another. Humanity once lived in caves, then  mud houses reinforced bamboo poles before they lived in stone houses reinforced with iron and steel rods. What about transportation and modern clothing? What I am trying to say is that Allah did not suddenly sight and call the prophet, his messanger and send him to Arabia. The prophet was identified as a useful tool anointed and prepared for his task. I take a step into the Bible where it is said of another prophet...I knew thee before I formed thee in thy mother's womb. That means we were all somewhere before we came here. Islamic teachers speak of many conversations the prophet had with non earthly beings in the cause of his work in Arabia. My understanding of him is that He had been running errands for Allah  before he came to Arabia. And that was why he was wiser than all Arabians, for which reason the powers that be always sought to kill him. The prophet was annointed well prepared for his mission before he was sent to Arabia, Any one who is well familiar with the Koran would know of all the connections in the Universe which supported his mission. Did the snake in the cave he fled into while fleeing from his enemies bite him? Even to Christians who, misunderstanding certain Bible statements,  limit existence on earth to only one earth life followed by THE JUDGEMENT, I make references to not only the dead, including Lazarus and the centurion and widow's daughter raised from the dead, But to also the appearance of Moses and Elijah, long gone, with JESUS at his TRANSFIGURATION! IF Moses and Elijah were with Jesus, did It not suggest that we do not rot away with our bones in our graves? Thus, I would like to assume that, as someone  special among us humans, the prophet's presence  in Arabia was in the service of God and would probably be in His service even right now, maybe far, far, far away from our earth. 
They are the problems of all of us, not only in the north. During the Ramadan, I listen to Islamic sermons in my quest to learn more about Islam. I do the same during Lent. In the last Ramadan, one preacher on radio put me off. He was on one of the radio stations in Lagos between 4.30a.m and six in the morning. He said several unprintable things about Christians and Christianity, even alleging that Christians poisoned President Mohammed Buhari in Aso Rock. He also twisted The history of mission schools taken over by government in western Nigeria. He said Christians  masterminded the state government to take over Islamic schools so that Moslem children would not be able to receive Islamic education in Schools. My heart almost stopped beating.  Was that what 
happened? Could his falsification of history not enrage moslems against christians?I pinched myself to be sure that I was still alive.  What really happened was that Christians imbibed Western education, whereas moslems of those days fraternized more with Arabia, although Islam encourages them to seek knowledge from all parts of the earth. Western countries supported local efforts in the south to build primary and Grammar schools. Arabia did not pour such money into the north. In time, Moslem Children had to attend Christian Schools. Some baptised and became Christians. One of my bosses at the Daily times newspaper in 1971 had to drop his Islamic name and bear Macdonald. Thus, he became Mac Alabi. I think he attended christ school, Ado ekiti. My editor at one time, TONY MOMOH came from the popular Moslem Momoh family of Auchi. Thus, when moslems controlled the government, they caused a take over of all mission schools, including even theirs. But, since whatever is wrong will inevitably collapse, school standards fell because government alone could not solely fund and supervise all schools. Accordingly, the government had to eventually return these schools to their  original owners. Even today, Christians continue to build more schools than moslems because they literally skin themselves for the education of their children. Many churches have schools almost everywhere. How many mosques are building schools? Rather than identify this problem and solve it, that Islamic preacher was busy inciting his congregation against Christians. Last week, we learned painfully, that two predominantly Moslem states would not be able to present candidates this year for the external and final high school education! Meanwhile, the federal government yesterday approved 10 more private universities, bringing to total number to about 110 in a congregation of about 250 private and public universities nationwide. While the rising number of private universities may help to reduce the number of Nigerians going abroad to study and probably dwarf the labour noise in public universities, the handwriting is on the wall again.... Christians are building more universities than moslems are. One day, a terrorist fundamentalist will come to irradiate peaceful moslems that Christians have taken over the country and cause many harm. That is what happened in sokoto
These three have made expected statements to calm the storm in sokoto. The sultan kept the crucial words under his tongue. He mentioned neither Islam nor Christianity . Rev.Father kukah, the catholic Archbishop characteristically  held nothing back. Atiku Abubakar, who would like to be president of Nigeria in 2023, condemned the killing on Twitter but quickly deleted the post when supporters of Deborah's murderers said he had lost their votes for denouncing them. Thus, is he a lion-hearted president Nigeria is searching for? Vice president Yemi Osibajo was late in his condemnatory remarks probably guaging the mood of the president and wishing to not be seen or heard overstepping bounds of the Buhari presidency.
People who fight over Nigeria are very ignorant persons. If all these mesages came from God, and if men did not distort them to suit their personal human goals ,one message would not contradict the other. Rather, each would be like a rung of a ladder on which Truth seekers can climb to a common pedestial. My children attended a private primary School owned by Mrs Adenuga.  Her TAIKENNY school was on 100 Opebi road, Ikeja, Lagos. She kept them till about 8pm every day in her house and fed them till their mother returned to take them home. They learned to say moslems prayers. During Ramadan my wife and I sent her whatever food stuffs we could for her to break the fast. Though a Moslem, she was another mother for my children.  sometimes, as a family, we feasted with her. Peaceful co-existence is one of the lessons we are on earth to learn. Anyone who still cannot bottle his or her emotions and let independent authorities judge differences between him and his or her neighbour is still a barbaric person at the level of the animal . God's eternal law is THOU SHALL NOT KILL. Incidentally, as IAM told, there are four books that Islam recognises...1)The ten commandments 2) The Psalms 3)The book of revealations and 4)The Koran. If the killers of Deborah Yakubu are true moslems, they would believe in the TEN COMMANDMENTS, one of which is THOU SHALL NOT KILL.
We may bid her farewell and not forget about her. I would make here the same suggestion as I did in the case of the BOWEN COLLEGE incident in Lagos. Some boys beat to coma a boy who refused to be their cult member. I suggested his parents forgive these boys and that Lagos State government make the school build a hall and name it after the murdered boy. Every year, a state activity on stamping cultism out of schools would be held there. Mandatorily, the killers would have to attend. So, should their parents. The idea is to show young persons that cultism is evil.
      Similarly, can Shehu Shagari College of Education not build a classroom block or a hostel in the name of Deborah Yakubu?

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