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Tuesday, May 10, 2022

Client Testimonials Our Driving Force - Pelican Valley CEO, Adeyemo

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The Daily Crucible | Wednesday, May 11, 2022

As Pelican Valley Estate continues to take customer satisfaction its utmost priority, the Chief Executive Officer of the Company, Dr. Babatunde Adeyemo has vowed not to sacrifice promptness, quality and trust that the company is known for in all his dealings with his clients.

Dr Adeyemo gave the assurance while speaking with the President, Egba Descendants Union in Manitoba, Canada, Mr. Adegboyega Olumayokun Aiku.

The Canada based Egba indigene was in Pelican Brief and Pelican Valley Estates respectively to see for himself how Pelican Valley Estate Nigeria Ltd is using its concept of unusual homes to address housing needs of Nigerians, fostering an enabling environment for food security and jobs creation through Greenish Acres and Farmers’ Market as well as the development a smart city in Kobape - Abeokuta corridor of Ogun state.

Adeyemo informed the entourage they have been able to transform the Pelican Valley from an obscure bush and topography to an aesthetic landscape terraces where “unusual homes” have sprung up.

"The company remains one of the few fully approved Real Estates with all the titled documents attested to by the Ogun state government.

"We will continue to work together as the Pelican Valley Real Estate Team, we are very thankful to our loyal clients, we are very fortunate to be able to share so many positive real estate experiences with our clients.

"Your satisfaction, turnover from the point of purchase and the inspiring testimonies of clients are the ultimate reward for our work. It is the reason we keep striving to be your Real Estate experts," Adeyemi said.

Earlier, palpably impressed Aiku while speaking on what stands Pelican Valley out among it's peers, said since he started dealing with the Company on behalf of his members, he had never regretted it once.

He revealed that his connection with Pelican Valley is divine, assuring that he would continue to admire the trust that exists between the company and its clients.

He said, "God has a way of connecting people. It wasn't planned. At least we are meeting for the first I have always wished for something unique and that which stands out like this, that's the area I have wished for, Something unique. So when I was driving out of Laderin Workers Estate, and I saw Pelican Estate, I was amazed to  see a private estate having such a good outlook in Nigeria and I said it will be good working with this people. 

"This keep resonating when I got back to Canada, I thought within me why can't we work with this people. I did my independent investigation and it got to a situation that I was convinced that the company is very real and trustworthy.

"We started working with them. We have bought over 50 plots of land. Without knowing each other.

"I have no regret at all. I strongly recommend Pelican Valley to people.

"We started dealing with you without even meeting one - on - one before now. This is what Nigeria lacks, trust Especially, for people like us that lives in diaspora, we usually have that fear of been duped, We can't trust ourselves, though, we can't blame those people. Especially those people that have gotten negative experiences. People that have good hearts with sincerity will do well in this country.

"You will notice that people troop around you, it's not for anything but the sincerity and being truthful. Look at this now. My People trust me and they know that I have done my investigation diligently. That's what people are saying in Canada. In fact the turnaround from the payment, the receipt and the allocation has been very superb. Even I don't have the kind of treatment I got from you from the government land I earlier bought. I have to come to Nigeria to do the documentation of those lands unlike yours Pelican Valley, where in the comfort of Canada, we got all our documentation done and they were all genuine.

"Pelican Valley is very sincere, no hidden cost, Everything was done transparently. This is the cost of the land, this is the cost of other things, not that you pay for the land and something no crop up and you say ehm.

"You will remember that I asked at the beginning whether what we were told to pay were the total package, and you said yes. You have been very sincere and very truthful. Pelican Valley is an household name in our area in Canada."

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