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Tuesday, May 17, 2022

Passion, Varieties & Value - Driven Service, Our Edge - Christy Ochigbo, CEO of Abuja Based Classic Kitchen


The Daily Crucible | Tuesday, May 17, 2022

By Mariam Adekunle

An Abuja based caterer, Christiana Ochanya Ochigbo, has identified passion for her vocation, perseverance, knack for  varieties and rendering value - driven service to clients as her survival strategy in a challenging Nigerian food business.
Ochigbo who is the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Classic Kitchen located inside Dadin Kowa plaza on Abacha road, Mararaba area of the Federal Capital Territory (FCT), revealed that it is not an easy venture to run a food business profitably given the prevailing nation's economy with low purchasing power of Nigerians amid the ever escalating prices of foodstuffs. 

The Political Scientist - turned caterer whose clients or customers are largely the Abuja civil servants and business executives, said it takes versatility, creativity, perseverance and ability to prepare pocket - friendly and quality food to succeed and stay afloat in the industry.

She made this known during an exclusive telephone interview with The Daily Crucible.

She disclosed that she ventured into the catering world when she could not get a job after leaving the university with a degree in political science, saying out of passion, she decided to acquire formal training in catering before establishing her Classic Kitchen.

"I was unable to get a job after graduation from the university, so, I turned my passion to catering. I also went for a formal training before venturing into it.

"The good side of it is that I can pay my bills, especially when we get big package like outdoor events," she said.

The Classic Kitchen CEO also gave an insight to why she has been having a steady penetration into the competitive Abuja food business environment as well as winning and retaining more clients, attributing it to her uniqueness.

She advised young ones desirous of diving into catering to first go for formal traning, know how to cook and how to relate to customers politely in all situations.

"I tried to be different, I make my food to be very affordable, I make good and quality food and the prices are reasonable. My customers are civil servants and business people. And I have been in catering for three years and still counting.

"It takes perseverance, dedication, and you have to be versatile. And you have to be versatile because people wants varieties and something different that they cannot easily prepare in their homes.

"My advice to young ones is for them to first go for traning, know how to cook, know how to relate to customers and attend to them," she concluded.

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