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Sunday, May 8, 2022

Emefiele And Dialectics Of 2023 Presidency: The Peak Of Impunity In Buhari's Govt

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| The Daily Crucible | Sunday, May 8, 2022

By Kunle Alaye

It is cristal conspicuous and undebatable that one of the fundamental indices to juxtapose between a sane and insane political institutions is functional constitution. This implies that a functional constitution gives room to ideal democratic structure.

The French Jurist (A V. Dicey) in 1885, promulgated the principle of "Rule of Law" and the impeccable philosophy of this theory according to him is that for any society to remain just and fair enough, the practice of Equality and Impertiality must be upheld.

It is indisputable that Nigeria democracy is psoudo, quasi and invariably democratising. However, some factors are considered basic and primary for any contemporary modern state. 

No doubt, the country has such huge variables that can transform its political and legal developments but regrettably, the political elites remain unrepentant and has spuriously taken charge of the entire polity.

Quite honestly, Godwin Emefiele's incalculable, odious and seemingly declaration for the 2023 presidency by proxies while still serving as an incumbent Governor of the Apex Bank, (CBN) is not only a subversion of the Nigerian constitution but a "prohibitive insolence" to Nigerians.

Though, I read somewhere where he (Emefiele) debunked buying the expression form whilst he rescinding the decision of vying for presidency. 

However, my question is was the CBN governor oblivious or delusional of the fact that some people somewhere were pushing for his candidature? 

By the way, when would Nigerian political elites stop insulting or playing upon the intelligence of well vast minded Nigerians? Like they assume they are rulling bunch of fools who are neither politically conscious nor independent minded at all. This is incredibly appalling.

A country described as the poverty capital of the world, has witnessed over 18 presidential aspirants who had conveniently and successfully paid a whopping sum of 100 million naira, for just expression form.

A more heartbreaking of the whole scenario are people who are in their path of foolishness or whatever to call it, contributing money for those who have stolen and wrecked this beloved country impoverished.

I have found myself in a perrennial rhetorical world, to really place the rudiments of Nigerian problems but sincerely yours, I remain "incominicado" because I couldn't get it at all.

A country, with ideological principles of constitutional democracy whether pseudo or quasi, has its citizens canvassing for incumbent chief of the Apex bank to vie for the number one seat as he remains in the office as the boss of the most revered banking institution in the country. This is not only a subversion of the constitution but criminal.

President Buhari affirmed very crucially, "fight against corruption" as part of his manifestoes in both 2015 and 2019 campaign exercise. Regrettably and disappointingly the level of corruption in his government seems even more caterastrophic, disastrous and unimaginable to say the least.

If Godwin Emefiele is so busy and engrossed as often claimed, to revive the porous state of Nigeria's currency which invariably, responsible for some of the severe economic pitfalls of the country, I am not sure that he should be willing to vie for any political office whilst still acting in the capacity as the governor of the CBN which exactly is my grouse and that of so many others with him.

I make bold to say here that until we learn how to respect designated political institutions and the constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, which are meant to check the excesses and impunity in the system rather than the political elites who are embedded with shattered shenanigans, we shall be on the same spot while running several miles with no appreciable results.

Kunle Alaye, Department of Political Science and International Relations Chrisland University Abeokuta, Ogun State Nigeria.

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