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Sunday, May 15, 2022

Deborah Samuel's Killing: Blasphemy, Chauvinism or Barbarism?


The Daily Crucible | Sunday, May 15, 2022

By Kunle Alaye

Comparatively, without being euphemistic with words here, it is crystal clear that education, sophistication and religion go together. Especially in this modern era.

Sequel to the evolution of Nigerian State, the North had often being having issues with development in some sensitive spheres of life. Ditto religious doctrines. A very good example was the era of the agitation for self governance by nationalists, during the colonial period. 

The South moved motion for Self governance through the late Anthony Enahoro in 1953. However, the Northern counterparts never wanted the self governance but "as soon as possible".

This of course later snowballed to crisis in Kano and consequently, the collapse of John MacPherson Constitution of 1953 as the only British constitution to suffer both political and constitutional defects. 

Conceptually, the above reason whether valid or not, remains the position of so many Nigerians, the bases for the staggered development in the Northern part of Nigeria till date.

Having said this, the grusome killing of the two hundred level student of Home Economics Department of Sheu Shagari College of Education, Sokoto has attracted several reactions and debates with individual views and positions on such a disturbing matters arising, dominating the waves.

Deborah Samuel Yakubu, was tortured, stoned, lynched and gruesomely murdered whilst her body subsequently set ablaze as a result of comment she made in her departmental group Watsap platform.

The late Deborah, was alleged to have blasphemed prophet Muhammad but the sailient question here is, to what extent of blasphemy? Or can such a darstardly action be justified or compliment reason for wasting such a young promising lady's life?

The inexplicable and most times flimsy reasons have persisted unabated on several occasions, at different times in the country by northern extremists. I ask the question repeatedly: Is Islam in the North different from the one being practiced by Muslim communities in the South?

If muslim community in the South and even some of their Northern Muslim elites could condenm the crude and nefarious act, then I ask why has such a very odious and appalling development dominates the North? Or do they operate a different Islamic doctrines?

It is pretty sad, that we claim so religious in Nigeria but our level of immortality is incredibly incredible. At this point we should understand the difference between religion and morality. We seem so religious but perpetrate darstardly act with impunity.

Nigeria today, remains the most religious country in the world. However, Nigeria is the same country that has absolutely evil trends as its middle name. So I ask myself: are we not just unnecessarily encapsulated with pool of hypocricy.

Freedom of religion still remain one of the fundamental human rights of any citizen in Nigeria. So why the infringement on someone's religious right?

The killing of the young lady should be thoroughly investigated. I have no doubt that there was more to the killing. This is just a very barbaric act quite honestly.

I make bold to say here that I shall be one of the first set of Nigerians that will champion a serious protest against this government, should President Buhari's administration fails to take a drastic action on this matter. This is not just by press statement or release by the government but by being practical and active. Enough of "arm chair statement".

I am double sure that Prophet Muhammed on its own would condemn wickedness and crude behaviour. Why do we like compounding our problems in this country? Have we not had enough from the political elites? Who have consistently thrown the country into a shattered state.

Though, Deborah is gone and is gone forever to rest in peace and in the bosom hand of our Lord. However, justice must be seriously taken to cognisance here. All the perpetrators of her killing must be brought to book in no time.

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