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Tuesday, April 12, 2022

Osinachi: Why Women Stay In Toxic Relationship When They Should Walk Away - Hon. Mujota

                          •Hon. Mujota

Hon. (Mrs) Modupe Onikepo Mujota is a Honourable member of the Ogun State House of Assembly representing Abeokuta North State Constituency. Earlier during the administration of Senator Ibikunle Amosun, Mujota served Ogun State as the Commissioner for Education, Science and Technology between 2015 and 2019. 
This seasoned Investment Banker and Asset Manager with experience that spanned over two decades in the banking sector, fielded some questions from Mariam Adekunle, The Women page Editor of The Daily Crucible. 

The  state lawmaker casts light on some nagging issues that affect womenExcerpt.

Since ages, choosing a forever life partner is not an easy decision. Ma'am, should one follow one's head or heart when making a choice of a life partner?

Marriage is a sacred thing, instituted by God and must therefore not be handled with levity. A "forever" decision deserves that we seek direction of a forever Personality - God. Now thats not to say there will be a voice thundering down an endorsement from heaven but when we ask for guidance sincerely God does give us direction. The head is clinical and the heart, emotional, either one cannot be trusted exclusively with a "forever" decision.  

Why are there more singles among hardworking and successful women than the average ones?

I think there might be an undue generalisation here. I dont think it's absolute in any way. There are many hardworking women that are happily married (i like to believe i am one of them). I believe that it is our choices that steer us either towards marital bliss or away from them. Marriage is a decision to commit. Love is also a decision. Women and men are presented with a variety of options/choices to make within the construct of time; if we make the choice and take a decision we have a fighting chance at a happy life in marriage. Remember not everyone decides that they want to share their life with someone.

 Why do men take undue advantage of hardworking women and go head over lazy ones.

Again, a bit of a generalisation. Noone can take advantage of someone else unless they let them (barring mental well being and forceful conduct). Women in particular often can see or perceive these signs but our vulnerabilities, stirred by our emotional investment in a relationship, cause us to linger on when we should walk away.

Given the few opportunities given to women in Politics, are they really utilizing it effectively.

Politics is intriguing for anyone regardless of gender as are the rewards/pitfalls.  Nigeria and indeed much of our world is founded on a largely patriarchal system though some jurisdictions are shrugging this off quicker than others. Sadly, the Nigerian experience has been fraught with fits and starts in our sojourn toward female emancipation that it can cause women to be unduly subservient to their male counterparts even when they have won their seats fair and square. Being outnumbered and sometimes even oppressed can cower an individual and cause them to be reserved. This may present a perception of ineffectiveness in a position but I personally beleive that my colleagues in office continue to fight to have their voices heard and fight for quality representation always.

Women are increasingly becoming victims of ritual murder, rape and volence perpetrated against them by the male gender and sometimes, by their male intimate partners. What does the future holds for the female gender in regards to choosing life partners. Many women are living in fear or reluctant embark on intimate relationship.

Often enough the signs present themselves early on and we must all be watchful, prayerful, not lured by perceived wealth, focussed on good breeding and perhaps most importantly, the reverent fear of God, when seeking a life partner. End.

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