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Monday, April 18, 2022

Ogun 2023: Adunni Kassim Declares For Governor, Joins NNPP To Actualise Her Ambition

          •Dr. Adunni Kassim & Mr.Oginni, 
                   Ogun NNPP chairman

The Daily Crucible | Monday, April 18, 2022

Renowned entrepreneur and female  politician, Dr. (Mrs.) Jackie Adunni Kassim, has said that she would harness the abundant wealth of Ogun State and deploy same to provide quality governance to indigenes and residents of the state if given the mandate to lead them as governor in 2023.

Mrs Kassim who was the only female governorship candidate in the state on the platform of United Democratic Party (UDP) in 2019, expressed the confidence that she would emerge the first female and next governor of the Gateway State.

She spoke at the State Secretariat of New Nigeria Peoples Party(NNPP) in Abeokuta, the state capital, after obtaining the membership card of the party from the State Chairman, Com. Oginni Olaposi.

The governorship hopeful noted that there 
 is money to provide quality governance to the people given the many industries around and what they pay regularly into the government's coffers as taxes, lamenting that the system would not want the people to know about it.

And fielding questions from newsmen on what she will do differently if given the opportunity to preside over the affairs of Ogun State,  she pledged to improve on civil service system, make genuine difference in the lives of handicapped and motherless babies, empower people living with disabilities, tackle security issues and fund the educational sector adequately.

She also promised to create jobs for the teeming unemployed youths if she succeeds governor Dapo Abiodun in 2023.

She said: "I tried it first in 2019, we had a good run and I got to know the state very well. And since then up to now, a lot of things has been going wrong. Things are not right and we just felt with this new party NNPP, there is a better chance for us to actualize our dream because it is a new party. People are tired of all these so called old parties telling us lies front and back. We are praying and hoping that this dispensation there is going to be a change.

"We are going to improve on the civil service, the handicapped and motherless babies, people with disabilities and aged people we are going to address their challenges if given the mandate to govern Ogun State come 2023. Currently, nobody is doing the right thing for them. We are praying to God that we will be able to make a difference. The security system is there

"There are so many unemployed youth graduates all over the place. We have to create more jobs. It is our duty to create jobs and enabling environment for the youths. It is not everybody that will get a white collar job. There are other things people can do to earn a decent living. Farming is one of them. If you encourage them, a good number of our youths can take up farming as occupation.

"I was telling someone the other time that we have prisons in many parts of the state. What are the inmates doing? Just nothing. You kept them there idle. Can't we find creative ventures for them to do so that they can see themselves as being useful citizens and contribute to the productive pool of the country. Let them grow their own food instead of depending on the government which has to spend millions and millions of naira to feed these inmates which never gets to them.

"More importantly, education is the first thing on my agenda. If you go to all the public schools around, you will see that they are all dilapidated. No functional library and no books. Let's provide the basic educational needs of the pupils and students. Let's start giving scholarships to them and that will make a lot of difference. And same applies to the universities. We still have a long way to go. 

"There is money in Ogun State, they will not tell you. We know there is money in Ogun State. We have to know how to tap it. Do know how many industries we have in Ogun State? Do you know how much they pay every month? Do you know how much taxes they pay? Do you know how much they are putting into the government coffers? Where is the money going into? That is what we need to ask ourselves. 

"I know if we come on board, we know how to talk to all these manufacturers, they will set up more jobs for our youths to be engaged. Right now, I can't tell you how many employees I have but I know that we are making an impact. Those we are providing for, are always praising God that we will have more kind-hearted people to establish other manufacturing companies so that our youths can have jobs. Once they can put food on their tables, that is what they are after. They are not after the rush to become billionaire. All what our people want are ability to feed their families, send children to school, have access to portable water and stable electricity. These are not difficult to provide by any responsible government."

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