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Saturday, April 30, 2022

Lady In Viral Video Begs Nigerians For Forgiveness, Says 'Boyfriend Broke' Their Relationship

The Daily Crucible | Saturday, April 30, 2022

Lady in a viral TikTok video claiming she slept with a d•g for N1.7million has said she was only “catching cruise.” 

The lady with TikTok user ID @Veegodess has been trending after the joke, according to her, that there was no big deal about bestial act.

She claimed in the video, that she had never contracted any disease sl33ping with d•g even though people thought otherwise.

“As if it’s a big deal. And mind you I’m not infected or anything. Stop dying on the matter, I’m enjoying the money,” she stated in the first video.

It is a crime in Nigeria to sl33p with d•g, horse, goat, cow or engage in bestial act with animals. 

The punishment for offenders found guilty could fetch one 10 or more years of imprisonment.

Since the video of the lady tik tok user surfaced, Nigerians have been reacting in condemnation of what some of them described as despicable and abominable.

And following the backlash trailing it, the lady recanted in two more videos in which she debunked her earlier claim, begging Nigerians for forgiveness.

She claimed her boyfriend just ended his relationship with her after the viral video surfaced.

She said: “Guys I was just catching cruise. I didn’t sl33p with any d•g. My boyfriend just broke with me; help me to beg my boyfriend. I’m sorry for the video I made, it was purely cruise.

“I don’t advise someone to be with animals. It was just a prank video, just cruise; you guys know Nigerians and cruise. I apologise to the public, please take my apology.”

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