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Wednesday, April 27, 2022

Consensus, Zoning: The Most Trending Words In Nigerian Politics Today

The Daily Crucible | Thursday, April 28, 2022

By Kunle Alaye

Literarily in the world of Grammar there are two basic branches of Synonyms "The Denotative and The Connotative meanings."  The former means the dictionary meaning which are generally acceptable words whilst the later as the professionally structured words. 

Interestingly however, in the recent times in Nigerian Government and Politics, the interpretations of these two words are being prohibitively and indiscriminately used. 

Of course reasons may be quite obvious. particularly with the severe or acute 2023 malaria syndrome which has eaten so deep and become so chronic in the system of Nigerian politicians. 

They are apparently tensed and confused on how to manage the chronological scenario of the dialectical and episodic permutations which are steering into their faces as the nation gravitate towards the very crucial exercise (2023 General Elections).

Ideological principles remain part of the core features of any political party. Thus, according to (Almond) "Political Parties are the major ingredients of democracy". No democratic system operate without having the formation of political parties.

It is not alien in any Pluralist State like Nigeria where we have the existence of different ethnic groups with the principles of "Federal Character" to absolutely jettison the equal or fair representations of the various ethnic institutions in the country.

This of course may be obviously responsible for the frequent political dilemma among politicians and political parties in today's politics of Nigeria, which in the long run resorting to concious connotations of words like Consensus, Zoning, Stepdown among other trending words.

The question to ask here now is are these two words (Consensus and Zoning) used for altruistic or hedonistic tendencies by the Nigerian political parties? Or are they appropriately used in good concience to proffer solutions to Nigerian problem? 

Hence the questions, can the two trending words serve the purpose of egalitarian structure at all?  Can the use of these words decisively solve the dialectical challenges bedeviling this country (Nigeria)?

The primary elections of the two major political parties (APC and PDP) seemingly gathering a tensed atmosphere and appear to be like elections before elections. 

The general elections are scheduled by Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) for February 2023, however the polity has already been seriously hit by Nigerian politicians with the conjuctural semantism of the denotative and connotative interpretations of Consensus and Zoning.

Finally, I wish to admonish Nigerians to be wary of political orators, political grammarian and political permutators who are only out there with their political paradigm of Consensus and Zoning with no basic ideological sagacity to fix the cumulative pitfalls in Nigerian State.

Kunle Alaye, Department of Political Science and International Relations Chrisland University Abeokuta Ogun State Nigeria.

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