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Thursday, April 14, 2022

Buhari Bridge Or Niger Bridge•••And Igbo Anger: Can An Igbo Become Nigeria's President In 2023? (2)

By Femi Kusa.

I write in the knowledge that all human beings have a common ancestry in the only Almighty Creator Who, in His Infinite Wisdom, sent each of them to the geographic earth space and among the homogenius linguistics and cultural groups where the possibilities of their sprouting, flowering and fruiting are best guaranteed. In other words, we all are like spiritual seeds in the hands of a Divine Sower Who plants these seeds here and there. In HIS hands and Designs, no one People is superior to the other. No one is meant to stand before or behind another,  or to trample others underfoot as we all march onward to the goal of Earthly existence, which is the self awakening to conscious existence,  recognition of Creation and unconditional fulfilment of the adamantine  will of the Almighty Creator which rests within and upholds Creation. There is no doubt that humanity has fallen short of this purpose of its existence. Otherwise , why is our earth so politically, economically and criminally heated up that there is no peace everywhere? How did homogenous linguistics and cultural groups find themselves in plural societies, each one trying to subjugate the others in quests to maximize it's well-being? This must be anamalious to a Creation Plan for all linguistics and cultural nationalities to remain distinguishable and to March forward together towards their goals, side by side, the strong helping the weak along, not deriding, not abusing, not exploitin.
     It is in this degraded state of humanity that Nigeria stands again, trying to find a leader for the multi-farious 252 ethnic configurations that, because of their innate differences, have not seriously understood one another since 1914, about 98 years ago, when, unfortunately ,the Government of the United Kingdom, the colonial overlord, forcefully brought them all together under one national roof, Nigeria, for her own administrative convenience. 
Would it not have been  better for us if we recognise and accepted  we did not create ourselves as human beings, that we did not create our earth or the Universe in which our earth  is no bigger than a grain of sand, that we would know joy and be happy if we sought the WILL of that Almighty creator WHO did all of these? I pity the igbos and the other ethnic nationalities of Nigeria as we head for 2023 and the 2023 Presidency. The pity is because another poison has been sown in the polity which many people are not giving serious attention. When this poison subsumes the polity, the question of who should become president or whose ethnic right it is to produce the next president would become a child play against the background of events at that time.
 I am told the national assembly has recommended to state assemblies for constitutional amendment a clause that any Nigerian who has lived in any part of Nigeria for no fewer than five years constitutionally becomes a bonafide citizen of that place. I do not know if this clause was sponsored by the igbos who have been pushing it , unsuccessfully, for many decades or if it came from the hausa/fulani. This has been a linging quest of the Igbo's right from the days of Dr Nnamdi Azikwe and the Igbo State Union, through which the Zik of Africa, would rule the whole of Africa. Through this political mechanism, the Igbo's, where ever they were in Africa, were to unite under the Igbo state union to seek control of those places and place them under Igbo governance. Dr Nnamdi Azikiwe, as Zik of Africa, was to be the patriach of that movement.  That was why Dr. Azikiwe struggled but failed to become the Premier(governor) of Western Nigeria whose political elite spear headed the Nigerian battle for independent for great Britain. Had chief Obafemi Awolowo and other Yoruba elite allowed it, simply because they made Dr Azikiwe the leader of their own party, the NCNC, would it not have been odd that the most literate People in Nigeria at that time chase away the British only to be conquered and governed by another conqueror from within Nigeria? It is this pushing back of the igbo state union from Western Nigeria that in-pact made Dr Azikiwe and chief Awolowo not only political opponents but political enemies as well for life. It would also pitch the Igbo's and the yoruba's against each other and provide a fertile ground for the Hausa/fulani to always politically divide and exploit them.  The Hausa/fulani should not be expected to abandon this divide and rule game in the 2023 Presidential encounters.    
This igbo ethnic expansionism in those days was rightly nipped in the bud by the Nigerian father's of that generation. The igbos are landlocked and densely populated and need breathing space outside their frontiers. Hemmed in inside Nigeria, their bottled energy has taken them round the globe. In which country will you not find them? In which business and occupation will you not find them? Their lives center around business and money making. They control Nigeria's distributive trade. But, like the yorubas, national political power has eluded them. The grand masters of Nigeria's political power, the Hausa/ Fulani always has a way of making them play second fiddle in government and dumping the yorubas into Opposition. The yorubas have altered that game since 2015 to play the second fiddle and push the igbos into opposition. 
It would appear the igbos  gave up their expantionist Federalist Nigerian idea for a while. I recall with nostalgia the heated federalist debate of the 1980s and 1990s on The Guardian newspaper's editiorial board on whether it was right or wrong for Nigerian citizens who had lived for sometime outside their states of origin to qualify for Aboriginal citizenship in other people's lands.  In those days, the goal of igbo pushers of this campaign was the "ownership of Lagos", which many of them were mis-educated to believe was built by the the  igbos, and not by the government of Western Region of Nigeria under the leadership of chief Obafemi Awolowo built. 


I see the re-awakening of this dangerous federalist idea, especially at this wondrous time, as a smart move to irradiate Igbo dreams for the possession of Lagos and Yoruba land, if, and where,  possible.  I see it as a Trojan Horse that will swallow the entirety of Southern Nigeria. Purveyors  of this dream wave the American federalism before our gaze. But they do not tell us that escapees from European political and economic black furnaces fell upon the Aboriginal American indians, forcefully took the land and offered  cheap citizenship qualifications than obtained in Europe to encourage European immigrants  to fill the vast American space. Back home in Nigeria, Igbo expansionism  is a child's play compared with foreign Fulani expansion which is currently rattling the nation. Our peaceful Nigerian Fulani are also powerless against this massive infileration which is  trying, forcefully, to dislodge Nigerian Aborigines from their ancestral lands.
 Last week, about 100 cattle were driven into a farmland in ondo state to feed on cassava and maize a peasant farmer had cultivated with bank loans. I, too, fell out of the much mouthed Anchor Borrowers program because cows were eating up maize in the farming co-operative we belonged to and no one could help us. 

In Ondo, the farmer  obtained help from the local community protection group, AMOTEKUN. The Amotekun arrested the 100 cows and was marching them to it's office when, out of the blue, soldiers turned up to free the cattle. If this does not signal the possibility of foreign forces, I do not know what else will pull the slumbering southeners  by the shirt collar before the big bang. I foresee this igbos rejoicing over the citizenship of Yoruba land without realizing that their forests, like their cities and villages, have been subsumed with foreigners who, very soon, would become Obis and Igwes in Onitsha, Owerri and Nsukka, among other prime towns.


The great truth before us is that the cattle Fulani are tired of wandering and desire to settle. Many countries, including Ghana, has forcefully ejected them. Nigeria is welcoming them with open arms. Some of them in the forest have told semblances of the stories of how they got to Nigeria. Politicians invited them to come and swell Northern voter ranks. They were promise Land on which to settle, land on which to graze their cattle, western education for their children, jobs and monetary pay offs. After the elections, the promises the politicians made to them were not fulfilled. The idea of the state giving them grazing lands under federal law where shut down by the state. It is interesting that the terrorist and bandits in the forest are now telling us they are no longer interested in ransoms for their kidnap victims but in the fulfilment of the promises made to them before they agreed to come to Nigeria. We should remember, also, that several countries were interested in militarly helping Nigeria to smoke out these people. But some northern leaders objected to the international community branding them terrorist  because, according to them, these people were"our brothers". They are the ones, not the igbos, that the five years residency qualifications for citizenship is likely to help more.  It is another name for RUGA. The various state houses of  assemblies will make whatever they would of the Constitutional amenment for residency and citizenry.  But, if the matter gets to referendum, please be well assured that the forest Fulani's who already have voters cards where our AJE BUTTER CHILDREN do not...will carry the vote. Why do we not ask why access to voter card in the north is far easier than in the south? Do we now not see why the north rejected all pleas and plans for a return to regionalism and state government police forces? 

Against these scenarios, I would answer YES, if you ask me if an Igbo can become president in 2023. Why not, if the rulers of Nigeria find someone who can push these constitutional menace in his or her dormain. He would be trusted if he would  make the deal "done"to give them the numbers in the political game of numbers.
This is not saying an ibo does not exist who, as president from 2023, cannot deliver Nigeria from this present danger of being over run  by foreigners. I do not subscribe to the notion that president Buhari is culpable. President Jonathan did not fight those fellows. He said he was not "a soldier". But, in fairness to him, we should remember that Nigeria pressure groups encouraged European and American government not to sell arms to Nigeria, and that Nigeria, under him ventured into arms purchases from the international black market. President Buhari, a moslem, militarily  engaged several irredentist islamic groups which sought  to Islamise the country. He may have many fifth columnists all around him. The igbo president who would take over from him must he a better fighter. A fighter does not necessarily have to be a serving or retired soldier. Many Nigerian watchers who are observing preparations for 2023 in igbo land are yet to see much preparation beyond mere clamour that "it is our turn" or "the Igbo have not rule Nigeria". All that reduces a serious existential questions for us all to "turn by turn" or "chop chop, you chop I chop politics,"while the invaders are prepared, determined and forcused.

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