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Friday, March 18, 2022

Soludo Is Not Just The Governor Of Anambra State

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The Daily Crucible | Friday, March 18, 2022

By Vitus Ozoke

For many, March 17, 2022 was the day Anambra State inaugurated a new governor. For me, however, March 17, 2022 will be marked in the annals of history as the day Igbo land inaugurated a Governor-General. His stature, the timing of his emergence, and a whole confluence of factors, combine to place Chukwuma Soludo way above the threshold pedestal of the garden variety of visionless and pocket-stuffing heisters who have in the last decade raided and paraded the halls and hallways of power in Igbo land as governors. 

Soludo is not an accident. He is a premeditated and preplanned intervention who was prepared, packaged, and presented by the guardian spirits of Igbo collective destiny to reset and rescue a faltering generation in their desperate and crying moment of leadership vacuum. Soludo is not just a gift to Anambra State, he is a present to the entire Igbo land. He is as much the Governor of Anambra State as he is the Governor of Abia, Enugu, Ebonyi, and Imo states. Chukwuma Soludo is the Governor-General. 

With an IQ and cerebral stature that towers above the four other Igbo governors of Abia, Enugu, Ebonyi, and Imo states, Soludo must be ready to expand and extend the territory of his leadership thoughts to reach all corners of Igbo land. He must do that because Chukwuma Soludo parades a heavily-credentialed resumé that could and should summon the humble submission of Independence Layout, Abakiliki, Umuahia, and Owerri to an urgent collective and collaborative rescue operation.

Soludo's role as Governor General may be temporarily short or extended. It will depend on the choices that voters make in Enugu, Ebonyi, and Abia states where governorship elections are due in short order. Unless a different breed of candidates are elected as replacements for the current but soon departing cohort of clowns, a Governor General Soludo may be in for a long ride. The good news, however, is that Soludo, as impressively credentialed as he is, is not one of a kind in Igbo land. There are hundreds of Chukwuma Soludos in every Igbo state. We just need to find them.

To do that, Enugu must find a candidate who will not dock under a simplistic slogan of sacrilegious blackmail to abdicate responsibility of state to God. Abia must find a candidate who sees governorship as serious business and not kegite buffoonery. The next Ebonyi governor must possess enough personal honor and integrity to commit to being a governor for his people and a trusted party man for his party. And when the time comes, Imo state must restore hope indeed, not name, in Owerri. If Anambra state could do it, the other Igbo states can do it. Replacing a drunk and cantankerous couple with a first class economist in Agụ Awka was a bold move, one that must be emulated by other Igbo states. Until similar bold replacements have occurred in the other government houses across Igbo land, let's all hail the Governor General!

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