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Sunday, March 13, 2022

Pelican Valley Nigeria Limited Ignites Ogun Economy With 'Greenish Farm Estate'

••• As Subscribers Commend The Initiative

                 •Dr.Babatunde Adeyemo

The Daily Crucible | Sunday, March 13, 2022

Pelican Valley Nigeria Limited, has concluded arrangements to boost economy of its subscribers to Pelican- Brief Estate, Kobape in Ogun State, Southwest of Nigeria with a farm estate of its own uniqueness.

The Estate which is less than 2 kilometres away from the Pelican Brief Estate, was conceptualized with the idea of igniting the economy around the Estate, and to boost the economy of its subscribers.

In a statement by the Chief Executive Officer of the foremost developer in Nigeria, Pelican Valley Nigeria Limited, Dr Babatunde Adeyemo, said the farm Estate tagged 'Pelican"s Greenish Acres', comes with its own uniqueness as it contains some amenities that stand it out among others.

He said: "Pelican's Greenish acres 'unlike' other farm lands will have a good access road to the Estate and all the acres.

"Furthermore the farm estate will be fortified with an adequate power supply, armed securities and periodic/daily drone surveillance among many other facilities."

Dr Adeyemo said further that "Pelican's Greenish Acres" will be launched with an introductory price of N3m per acre "all charges inclusive." 

"Application forms for the Pelican's Greenish acres is out and payments are now accepted....offer opens for just 400 Pelican Brief Estate subscribers," he said.

He urged intending subscribers, most expecialy those that have benefitted from the uniqueness of Pelican-Brief Estate Kobape, to protect their funds from the imminent global economic downturn by subscribing into the farm Estate.

As an instance, The Daily Crucible reports that it was beyond the imagination of one of the subscribers of the Pelican Valley Estate when a bunch of keys to a completed building in the estate was handed over to him to formally take possession recently and the subscriber had to pinch himself hard twice to be convinced that he was not in any dream world. 

It is understandable may why he felt that way. At a time when trust is fast becoming a rare coin, trusting people with a huge fund in investment project such as property and believing that it would be faithfully disbursed to achieve a set goal is one mental journey not many would want to undertake. 

But the now proud property owner in the estate took that bold step and invested his hard earned money in the package and what he got five months later wowed him.

In his own recorded audiovisual accessed by our reporter, the 60 years old man,   described it as a "tremendous achievement" when he received title documents to the housing property within the top notch Pelican Valley Estate.

"Let me say it that Dr. Adeyemo  he is has been honest, straight forward and has done something that I can not even imagine. We heard about Pelican Valley Estate and we bought into the package four montns ago. Here we are today, he has built and delivered to us. He has a shown a good legacy for the young ones to emulate because he is young man," he said.

The upscale property development arena, free of encumberances, is located at the  Oke-mosan corridor of Kobape Road, Abeokuta, the Ogun State capital, and is less than 5 minutes drive from the Abeokuta train main terminal (station).

And what can today conveniently pass for its annex is the new Pelican - brief, borne out of the increasing demand by prospective investors to buy into the estate's package. 

Pelican - brief is located on pocket - friendly topography with its invinting flat ground and waterlogged-free terrain. It is less than 16 minutes drive from Abeokuta Rail terminal.

 Dr. Adeyemo, said the estate was conceived with a mind set for the future, adding that whoever leverages on its strategic location to invest in now, will ever smile at the decision afterwards.
"A year ago, we promised our prospective clients 100% return on investment on every plot purchased on Pelican-Brief,  but today,  we have delivered over 300% return on investment on this same property in one year. We started selling Pelican-Brief for N785,000 per plot but today, its N3m in just a year and 3 months. We give God the glory," Dr. Adeyemo, told The Daily Crucible.

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