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Thursday, March 17, 2022

Ogun: Don't Allow 'Religious Cabals' Use You To Illegally implement Obas Law - Traditionalists Tell Police

The Daily Crucible | Thursday, March 17, 2022

By Mariam Adekunle, Abeokuta

Traditional worshippers in Ogun state have called on the police and other security agencies not to yield themselves to unlawful use by persons they described as "religious cabals" and some recalcitrant traditional rulers to implement relevant sections of the Chief and Oba law of Ogun State 2021 regarding installation and burial of traditional rulers. 

The law received the ascent of 
governor Dapo Abiodun in January this year and provides for how traditional rulers and chiefs are to be selected, appointed, recognised and buried.

Titled ‘A Bill for a Law to provide for an approved method for the selection, appointment and recognition of Obas and Chiefs in Ogun State and for Other Related Matters,’ the law also seeks to redefine the traditional institution to reflect the current realities.

Among other things, the law provides for the preservation, protection and exercise by Obas of their fundamental rights to be installed and buried according to their religions or beliefs and for other related matters.

But the traditionalists opposed the law and declared that it was an attempt to push cultural practice into extinction while the Christian and the Muslim communities described itas “a welcome development.”

However, during their meeting on Wednesday, the traditionalists said nowhere in the new law was it stated  that a traditional ruler or Chief should be installed or buried by either muslim or christian.

High Chief Fatai Sobowale, leader of the Traditional Worshippers Association of Akinle Ijebu, Ogun State, explained that  Section 55 of the law states a "traditional rulers shall be entitled to be buried in accordance with the customs and traditions of the land, save however, that his body shall not be subjected to any mutilation."

Sobowale who spoke at the conclusion of their meeting in Sagamu on Wednesday, advised muslim and christian intruders respectively and their sympathizers to stay clear of the obaship installations and burial processes in the state.

He commended Governor Dapo Abiodun for His effort at ensuring that the age long controversial issue on the Installation and burial of Oba in Ogun state has permanently been laid to rest.

He also commended the Ogun State House of Assembly, the leadership of Ogun state Ministry of the local government and Chieftancy Affairs, and the leadership of the Ministry of Justice for yielding to the yearnings of the traditional rulers for the thoroughness put into the making of Obas and Chief law of Ogun State 2021.

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