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Sunday, February 27, 2022

Monday Sit -at - Home Won't End Soon In Southeast - Bishop Udeh

The Daily Crucible | Sunday, February 27, 2022

By Godwin Akomah, Umuahia

Bishop Abraham Udeh on Sunday stated that Monday sit-at-home in Southeast will not end anytime soon unless the embattled leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), Mazi Nnamdi Kanu,  is set free from detention.

Bishop also advised Ndigbo to jettison the quest for 2023 Presidency, saying pessimistically that it will not work.

He disclosed this via a statement in Nnewi, lamenting that Ndigbo had suffered in a number of ways because of IPOB leader’s incarceration.

He called on the Federal Government to stop the sit-at-home by releasing Kanu to save Igbo from further punishment

Udeh claimed that Igbo were being eliminated bit by bit because of Kanu’s detention.

According to him: “Those who are wasting their time talking about Nigeria President of Igbo extraction should know that it won’t work. I have never supported that project.

“Who tells you that an Igboman will be allowed to test that seat? But if by accident an Igboman is made President, he will not last on the seat. So it has been revealed to me.”

The Bishop said his spirit had continually remained pained each time sit-at-home order was declared in the South East.

He said the best thing the Federal Government should do if there was no intention to exterminate the Igbo through the sit-at-home exercise, is to release Kanu or send him to a correctional centre.

“Federal Government should release Nnamdi Kanu from the Directorate of the State Service (DSS) detention unconditionally, or send him to a correctional center to avoid this every Monday sit-at-home order.

“Federal Government is not considering the plight of the poor masses in the South East. Everyone knows that there are people, and they are in large numbers, who cannot feed themselves or their families, if they do not go out on a daily basis to labour.

“What do they expect this class of people to be doing, to die of hunger with their families?

“People are being killed every week and property worth millions of naira destroyed every week for non-compliance to the order.

“The blood of the innocent Igbo are crying every day. If you come out to look for your daily bread, your life will be in danger because of sit-at-home.

“I call on the Federal Ministry of Justice to do the needful to save this ugly situation. The economy of the Igbo has nose-dived. Our businesses are paralyzed and many people in Igboland are dying of hunger.

“Nothing is working again in the South East. The people of South East are made to suffer extraordinary hardship whereas Ndigbo are known for enterprenuership, ” the Cleric said.

Udeh, who is the General Overseer of Mount Zion Faith Global Liberation Ministry, added that FG should not pretend not to know that Ndigbo had been suffering because of

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