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Sunday, February 27, 2022

Details Of How 20 Mourners Were Killed In Anambra Emerged


The Daily Crucible | Sunday, February 27, 2022

More details of how about 20 mourners were gruesomely cut down on Saturday in a gale of bullets and unspecified number of others wounded during burial in Ebenebe community have emerged.

One of the survivors and indigene of Ebenebe, Awka North Local Government Area of Anambra State, said the  remains of the deceased named Ozor Chibuike Joseph Chukwuka had been prepared and ready for internment after lying - in - state  in the afternoon by his associates, family members and villagers when masked men, four of them, jumped out of a vehicle that had just pulled - up at the venue and opened fire on the  unsuspecting mourners.

The survivor in a trending video said it was both a bizzaire and gory sight to behold, as many of the  fear - striken mourners dropped to the ground either dead or wounded in pools of their blood, adding that amid the mayhem and ensuing stampede, the savages went for the casket encasing the corpse, tore it open before desecrating the corpse.

The survivor who said his own brother was a victim of the gun attack, added that the assailants were suspected cult members who invaded the burial arena to unleash havoc on them.
Some of the victims could be sighted on the ground.

According to witness, the villagers had a whiff of information that Ozor was a suspected leader of a cult group and that having been gunned down in a questionable circumstance months back, there were notice of threats sent to the community by rival cult group that he should not be given befitting burial but this was largely ignored.

He said the act of bestiality that befell the innocent villagers could have been avoided if they knew about the antecedents of the deceased when he was alive, lamenting that over a dozen villagers were hurried to their early graves.

"A number of the villagers who were present a the burial in Ebenebe, Anambra State on 26th February were killled when people who masks to hide their identities opened fire on them. 

"There was pandemonium, apprehension and tears, stampede and then chaos. The victims were hurried to their deaths mid way into the burial service of Late Mr. Ozor Chibuike Chukwuka. The coffin was hurled off the stand leaving the corpse of Ozor bare on the floor. Everybody ran helter - skelter seeking cover as gun shots rang out repeatedly.

"The deceased whose burial turned into a bloody war was himself said to have been hot on the 30th of December at a police check point in Amansea, Anambra State. Nobody saw the danger coming, we would heeded any warning and stayed away the venue," the survivor said.

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