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Monday, February 28, 2022

'Breast, Cervical, Prostate Cancers Could Be Detected From Fingerprint' - Prof. Musa-Olomu

             •Prof. Adewale Musa - Olomu

Prof. Adewale Musa - Olomu is the Chief  Medical Director, Federal Medical Centre, Abeokuta. He has Masters of Science in Anatomy and recently bagged his PhD in Anatomy from the Olabisi Onabanjo University, Ago - Iwoye, Ogun State. He spoke with The Daily Crucible on why he returned to school during the convocation ceremony of the institution on January 31st.

Prof., why did you decide to go back to school?

We have to learn and we will continue to learn, but  the fact that I'm a surgeon and  I want to  know more about human parts and physiology, that was one of the things that prompted me to go back to study Anatomy. Even then, the cries have been over everywhere that you cannot become Vice Chancellor of a university until you have gotten a PhD. Some people believe that we doctors use our fellowship certifcates to become professors but to tell the outside world that there's nothing that medical personnel will not be be able do, such as obtaining this PhD, that's why I returned to school to show the people that, yes we(doctors) are capable, we are not afraid of having PhDs in addition  to our fellowship certifcates.

What do you say to the unfortunate mindset among the young ones, who believe education is not the answer to the wealth and fame they seek?

That is wrong conclusion. It is generally lucrative to be educated. Infact, if you're  ignorant, if you're not educated then you're not going to be useful enough even to yourself and your community. You have to be educated even within your house, if you don't know the things that you have in your house, you won't know how to handle them. The best thing is to go to school and then continue to learn. You don't stop learning until you get to the peak of your profession and that is when you could become a leader, once you're a leader, you can never be a follower.  Even, like I'm a muslim, Prophet Muhammad acknowledged the importance of education that it is power.
We know that Americans are policing the world today because they're knowledgeable, they're powerful. 
So, if you want to be powerful, you have to be educated or go to school and learn to get to the peak of your profession. That is the best idea and best thing that can happen to a people.

What is your area of specialisation, Sir ?

My work zeroed in on Cancer. Cancer  of the prostate in men, cancer of the cervice in women and cancer of the breast. Cancer is killing like hell now and what we have done is to look at the fingerprints because this fingerprints are genetically determined and we look at the patterns and compare it with the normal, you can say that, oh you're likely to have cancer of breast in future, you're likely to have cancer of cervice, you can use that to predict who will have breast cancer or cancer of the cervice. With that knowledge we can look for ways on how to help those who have not developed that cancer and prevent or save them from coming down with cancer in future.

    •Prof. Musa - Olomu & Prof. Ganiyu                          Olatunde, VC - OOU

Are you saying there is now fresh hope on the horizon on early cancer diagnosis and treatment in Nigeria with this study?

Yes. Because, the solution is quite on the way because  if we look at your fingerprints, we can see whether you are likely to develop cancer in future. We can look at the tissues at your fingerprints, use the knowledge gained to predict if you're likely to have cancer and we have to prevent it so that the individual does not come down with cancer. Fingerprint is genetically determined, everything has been coded, so we can say oh, you are likely to have prostate, you better go and remove your prostate, you're likely to have breast malignancy, my advice is to go and have mastectomy, especially if you're a mother that you have nursed all your children and the thing is not useful again. 

In essence, you are saying any of these Cancers mentioned can be detected early and addressed?

Yes. You can detect cancer early using fingerprint and tackle it. In fact, if you look at the methodology of diagnosing cancer, especially of the breast, you know you have to operate, make an incision, subject the patient to anaesthesia and all these processes have their risks but this one(fingerprints) we have studied is not like that. By mere looking at your fingerprints, the tissues around them and we can then  predict. It is painless and it will not disturb you in any form. 

Is it affordable Sir ?

What is made available is for you to submit your fingerprints by presenting your palm for us to count the fingerprints on it.  So, it is affordable and safe. It is cheap. It is like we are not putting anything just the knowledge in our brain. We have gone to study it for the benefits of community and for the benefits of humanity. Whatever you have gone to study if it is not useful and if it doesn't have any advantage to humanity, why then did you go to school to study it?

How many counts, for example, will predict a likelihood of one developing Cancer of the cervice or prostate?

Oh ! We have a lot of criteria we are using, you know there are various forms.  In certain form, you have more of the counting in people you have detected than the normal. In some, you have undercount as against others that are normal.So, we comapre the abnormal with the normal. That is how we derive the data for predicting and detecting likelihood of one developing any of these Cancers.

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