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Saturday, January 8, 2022

Labour Party Backs Buhari On Rejection Of State Police, Other

•••Says  Detained IPOB Leader Should Have His Day In Court To Defend His Reasons For Allegedly Inciting Treason And Seeking Balkanisation Of A Sovereign Nation.

                       •Com. Arabambi

The Daily Crucible | Saturday, January 8, 2022

By Ayobami Ife, Abeokuta

Labour Party(LP) has thrown its weight behind President Muhammadu Buhari's rejection of State Police for the nation's federating units, dismissing those clamouring for creation of autonomous state police or condemning the President for his position on the touchy matter, as insincere and unrealistic Nigerians.

The LP also takes side with the President on declining to interfere with the judiciary in respect of the embattled leader of the proscribed Indegenous People of Biafra (IPOB), Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, declaring on Saturday that Buhari was right in insisting on the separatist group leader being given the liberty to have his day in court to defend all false information and divisive materials he, allegedly, peddled routinely against him and Nigerian government while hibernating in Europe.

The party which was reacting through its   National Publicity Secretary, Comrade Abayomi Arabambi, to the fallout of the recent inteview of the President which was aired on Channels tv, wondered why Nigerians should be clamouring for state police at a time some, if not most, state governors were hard put to grapple with the regular payment of salaries to their workers.

LP berated the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), for what it described as the major opposition party's reactionary, reckless and irrational statement on Buhari's interview, saying it once again exposed PDP as party that indulges in debauchery and destructive politics.

The Labour Party noted that given its perceived traditionally and politically dysfunctional society like ours, it ought to be even mandatory for patriotic Nigerians to celebrate the President for his focus, political will and foresight over the rejection of the creation of calls for or the idea of State Police.

"Most citizens in the public should begin to wonder why the States that have been hard put to grapple with the regular payment of salaries to their workers should be desperate for additional burdens in the name of State Police ?.

 "Every and all visible Elites joining these devilish forces and crude politicians in pushing with noise to institutionalise the Police State are confirmed and truly compromised band of intellectual and social frauds .

"The level of current political intolerance in the Country is one other issue that all Nigerians who have not lost touch with reason should begin to look at against the tyranny evident in the activities of the various Governors across the Nation.

"Can anyone be very ignorant of how far negatively these highly tyrannical Governors can use the State Police ?.

"It is one thing to keep shouting that insecurity is high in the nation in the day but in the night keep financing and providing logistics for insecurity. We have been exposed to situations where the high and the mighty are suspects crime of killings and kidnappings,  it is even said that some politicians aide and abett  kidnappings.

"Some state governors habitually owe workers, owing back - logs of salaries for months. How will such governors fund State Police and pay them regularly as of when due? Yet some finds it easy to encourage insecurity and turn around to start making noise to divert the attention of the people and the workers from the failed salaries," the party said.

 On the detained IPOB leader, Labour Party said that LP found it unbelievable that anybody or group of people could demand the release of Nnamdi Kanu without first allowing him to enjoy the privilege of articulating before the court, his reasons for allegedly inciting treason and seeking balkanisation of a sovereign nation.

"More incredulous is that though the President stated that Nnamdi Kanu would have his day in court,  some people couldn't see the President's pure recognition of his constitutional limitations as he chose to defer to the democratic norm for check and balances rather than the preferred official impunity of unilateral option of releasing a really suspected criminal who is accused by m\ny of recklessly and rascally promoting treason for so long in the country with extremely shocking level of insecurity and killings across the South Eastern Zone. 

"It is criminality that should attract an arrest by the police of anyone, group or gang that as much as breathe in the rebellious and felonious call for the release of Kanu without enjoying the privilege of being allowed to articulate before the court, his reasons for allegedly igniting treason.

 "It was stated very clearly by the President that he has no intention of interfering with the constitutional responsibilities of the Judiciary in the trial of the 54 year old leader of the proscribed violent Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB). He has chosen to let the Court freely adjudicate in the case.

"Kanu Nnamdi was widely known for his penchant for making very acidic comments with a view to sustain and even escalate the extremely volatile security breaches he grows with his utterances through his rebellious radio broadcast and various propaganda messages he unleashed on the nation.

"It is undebatable that the President has chosen a very democratic path in speaking his now seen to be highly effective language. Some hypocritical Igbo leaders who both passively and actively encouraged Kanu in his undemocratic path  even without qualms went ahead to embarrass the whole Igbo race by begging for his release despite the fact that Kanu jumped bail in his earlier trial.

"From the previous utterances and claims while hiding in Europe with his dual citizenship, he created a false impression of someone who was prosecuting a noble cause against the country. Why must anyone who refused to caution and advise him at that time come to beg for his release when a door of opportunity is now opened for him to prove his charges against Nigeria and her government?

"Anyway, the President is not totally ruling out a possible political solution but the attitude and rigidity of inclined criminal tendencies woven by the ones dancing a dance of the confused while pretending to be elderly peàce - seekers are found to intentionally including clogs as factors in the political solution equation.

"In the considered opinion of Labour Party, the President has discharged his constitutional responsibilities very brilliantly as deductible from his broadly aired interview on Channels Television recently."

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