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Tuesday, January 11, 2022

All Eyes On Kobape As President Buhari Visits Ogun - Dr. Adeyemo, Pelican-Valley CEO

            •Dr. Adeyemo and Pelican-Valley                            Ambassador 

The Daily Crucible | Tuesday, January 11, 2022

Dr Babatunde Adeyemo is the Chief Executive Officer(CEO) of Pelican Valley Estate and Pelican - Brief located in Kobape axis of Ogun State. Dr. Adeyemo spoke with real estate and property crew of The Daily Crucible on how Kobape is the furure Dubai in Ogun State.

President Muhammadu Buhari is warmly expected in Ogun State on official visit to inaugurate many landmark projects of governor Dapo Abiodun. What does the planned visit portend from the eye of a private  sector operator?

 its  a very good, auspicious and a sign that the present administration is doing what they are suppose to do to attract the President to inaugurate some projects in Ogun State. There are some governors that are not opportune to invite the President to visit them during their tenure in Office and I think it is a very big achievement, a great achievement for the present administration and this presents huge opportunity as well as huge advantage towards bringing prospective investors to the state. Now that the President is coming here, all eyes will be on Ogun state and people would want to take advantage of it to explore the investment opportunities in the state, especially in the real estate sector.The only way they can leverage on that advantage in Ogun state is on lands and industrialisation based on the state's proximity to and strategic location towards Lagos.  Ogun state and Lagos  is just like New Jersey and New york. Average investor will want to take advantage of the development in Ogun state and from here stretch hand to tap into the economy of Lagos.

What prospect does it hold for real estate and property industry since the President will be in Kobape axis?

Development has always been moving to Kobape axis, it is not by magic at all, it is because landmark projects in the masterplan of Ogun State are mostly domiciled on Kobape axis. The major projects in Ogun state are situated in Siun-Kobape axis, that is what's make kobape the investors destination and also the best emerging location in Ogun state.The last administration of Governor Ibikunle Amosun invited the President Muhammadu Buhari to inaugurate some projects and you will  realize that the President was in Kobape - Siun -Abeokuta axis, where he commissioned so many projects on the axis.
Now, this present administration of Prince, Dr. Dapo Abiodun is inviting the President to the same state and out of the five landmark projects that the government is going to inaugurate, about three are going to be from Kobape-Abeokuta axis. Perhaps till eternity, that's how it's going to be. If you are privy to the master plan of Ogun State , you will see that the presently renovated Government House was built long time ago by the Colonial masters, where the Permanent government house in the masterplan will still be on the stretch of the same 47 kilometers Abeokuta -kobape axis, which is even one of the roads the President is coming to commision. Perharps, when the next President will be coming might be to commission the new Ogun Government House or other Multinational industries on the same axis. The new  judiciary complex, the Tech hub, federal government in conjunction with the NCC are also having an elephant projects,  almost completed on the same axis. All these developments are clear indications that the axis is just the future of Ogun State. That is why you see that over 85 to 90 percent of the lands in that axis are on government acquisition.

Why is everybody attention seemingly focusing on Kobape area?

The Government knows what is in its masterplan and the importance of the kobape siun-Abeokuta lands. You might be passing through and see plenty bushes but 90 percent of those bushy lands are on committed governments acquisition. About 1.5kilometres on both left and right sides of that stretch are on government acquisition which the government will make available to genuine investors in accordance with the states masterplan.  According to information available to me, The Ogun State Government wants to turn that place to the Dubai of Nigeria.Those land are sold to industries withing the ranges of 50 to 100 million Naira per hectare on that axis.  If you see those bushes, they are not bushes to government, they are wealth, it's Ogun state wealth. It's Ogun state Oil and inheritance, now Imagine what the place will look like after those industries would have been fully established?  I took my time to study the Ogun state master plan and I realized that in terms of proximity to Lagos, Kobape is less than 45minutes drive to Lagos by road. In terms of proximity to the train station it is very close to the train station, you can leave Ebute Meta in Lagos and get to Wole Soyinka train station Abeokuta within an hour. And from Kobape to Wole Soyinka train station is less than eight minutes drive, which means you can live in Abeokuta and work in Lagos. That is where dynamics of events point to today.

How does Pelican Valley Estate fit into this arrangement?

Kobape and Lagos -Siun - Abeokuta expressway is highly strategic to the government, what Pelican estate has done is that, it's the closest estate to the Ogun State seat of power, the government House and the train station, that is also free from government acquisition. We researched for the aquisition boundaries where the government land ends before we acquire our lands, we got the necessary documentions. It took us two years to discover that place, any real estate company that will be coming to Kobape might find it extremely difficult to get a land that is closer to the seat of power and the train station than us, except government allocation land or government acquisition land. It has to be after us, they can't come  before us, they can only have their locations far behind Pelican-Brief. We are able to strategically position pelican group appropriately for all the advantages in Kobape.  Kobape area is the future of Ogun State. Investors should take advantage of it, come to Pelican Valley Estate and Pelican - Brief to acquire land. Ogun state Commissioner for Urban and Physical Planning has stated that Pelican-Brief is the only estate that has full government approved layout in the last three years in Ogun State. We have full government lay-out approval. The importance of it is that on that axis, when you buy land from us there is a clear indication you get your building plan approval in seven days. 

Aside those salient issues you mentioned earlier,  What other factors that make Pelican-Brief estate so attractive to investors ?

The topography is very stable, and it is not a waterlogged area.It's a very flat terrain, not hilly. The proximity to major land mass and the rail and key projects in Ogun state. Where it situated, I mean the axis, connects to Ibadan through the rail and by road, it is very close to Lagos, it's the gateway to the Nation.

What do you envisage about Kobape in the next 10 years 

With the rate industry are springing up in Kobape, it is going to be the Dubai of Nigeria.The last time the President came during the last administration of Governor Ibikunle Amosu, He commissioned 3 giant projects in which 2 bridges were parts.The President is coming now to commision The city gate, kobape ultra modern housing scheme, two housing estate, the 37 kilometers Siun-Kobape expressway, etc. It shows that kobape axis is the best emerging location  in Ogun state. If you can get a land on that axis, it means you have taken wise decision because that axis is the future of Ogun state.

What further innovations are you bringing to the table for investors in Pelican Valley Estate and Pelican - Brief ?

The edge that Pelican View Estate has gotten in Kobape is  our capacity to explore the opportunity in that axis by getting all the necessary documents. We have really made our project a top notch in Ogun state real estate sector. We have over 500 Nigerians in the diaspora who have invested in Pelican Estate. The Nigerians have seen Kobape as one of the best emerging place in Ogun State in particular and in Nigeria in general, so they are investing heavily and that has motivated us to propose development of the Pelican ecostay apartments in Pelican-Brief Estate, kobape.  The Pelican Ecostay is going be an eco - free environment, where nature meets luxury. Since we have gotten the Government lay-out  approval, the next thing is to start adding value to what we have. If you are refining your product like oil, you will have more margin but if you are selling just the crude like Nigeria is doing, the margin will be low or nothing at all. So, we don't want to keep selling lands but we want to start developing it. We want to do something that is very unusual and one of that is to develop an 100% eco - friendly environment. We are planning to launch the project In February God's willing.
We want to build for people to come and buy into the eco - friendly environment. Apart from.from stepping down the 33KVA power line in the area to supply electricity to our estate,  we are also going to be having the solar power energy, what that implies is that there is no going to be anything like generator in that estate. When power supply from disco goes off, the solar power immediayely comes on. We would getting source of power from Solar and 33kva power supply as backup.
We will invest massively in tree planting, we want to make it a service apartment .we will develop an application where our potential guests would be tracked, picked up at strategic locations and delivered  safely for hospitality, all the facilities you need will be there. It would be like an hospitality business, like a resort. 90percent of our clients are Nigerians in diaspora. So, when they are in Nigeria, they need a place they can breathe in fresh air,  eat fresh foods and be comfortable, relax, catch fun and when they are done they will hand over the houses to the Estate management and we can let it out to tourists. It's going to eco friendly environment and fully serviced. It will be launched by 1st quarter of this year God's willing.

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