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Saturday, December 4, 2021

Why I Joined Governor Akeredolu Led Ondo State Govt - Bamidele Ademola-Olateju

••• Says She'll Decline Unreasonable Favours If Any One Asks For It

              •Bamidele Ademola-Olateju

The Daily Crucible | Published  Saturday, December 4, 2021

“Since His Excellency, Governor Rotimi Akeredolu announced my nomination, so much has changed. I grew up quickly in handling calls and responding to messages. I can no longer refuse to pick calls from unknown numbers. I cannot enforce the 9am to 9pm call window. I have learned to use the word Honorable and official titles. I am still not used to being called Honorable Commissioner especially by my elders, family and friends. I just hope Bamidele sticks better.

“I have waited this long to write about this appointment, because I was waiting to be confirmed. Yesterday, I was screened and today I was confirmed. I thank the Governor for trusting and believing in me enough to appoint me a commissioner,” she noted.

She disclosed some of the things that people should be expecting from her in the points below:

In the next few hours, I will resign from the editorial board of Premium Times, for reasons of conflict of interest. Premium Times is a journalistic, apolitical organization.

I will still write, but I will no longer write on Politics. Why? I do not want my point of view to be misconstrued as that of my governor or the official position of the Ondo State government.

I am going Into Government to serve my state as an advocate and servant. I was not appointed to air grievances. Do not expect me to be a critic of my governor but as an advocate for my people and servant to the people of Ondo state.
 I will not bring down the roof of my own house, on my own head to please a cheering crowd.

I will remain active on Facebook as I have always been. I will write on day to day human angle issues. Point number two above applies. 

I will use my wall to communicate what I do, share our progress and take CONSTRUCTIVE feedback.

I welcome CONSTRUCTIVE criticism. You can disagree with me, or my governor but I will not tolerate insults from guttersnipes nor veiled abuse from malcontents.

I will read my messages and email. Replies will depend on the time available to me. Don’t think I did not respond early enough because I’m now a commissioner. I have work to do.

I will return missed calls. To my close friends, your calls will be returned at nights so we can talk. Please, leave me to work during the day.
Resources are finite. Nigeria is broke, please don’t ask me for money or contract. I will not steal so I can be seen as being generous and if I have any power at all, I will use it to recommend you, not to give you preference. Please help me to succeed.

I will welcome visitors at certain hours only. I will not allow anyone to sit for more than one hour in my office. That level of engagement will have to be at home.

Don’t ask for unreasonable favors. I will decline."

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