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Friday, December 31, 2021

Waist Trainer: Fad With Little Benefits, Yet Has Many Health Risks

The Daily Crucible | Friday, December 30, 2021

Waist training is a trend that has existed for centuries. Although the designs and materials have evolved since then, they’re still very popular even today.

The main goal of waist training is to achieve a tiny waist or hourglass figure and that desire has led many to spend thousands of shillings on practically every new design that drops in the market.

And that isn’t even the craziest part.

Some women are going as far as wearing it for hours a day and sleeping in the them in the hopes of seeing quick and positive results.

Though this trend is huge and growing, we have to take a few steps back and question whether we should be wearing them in the first place.

Not every fad and trend out here is meant to be followed and this is one of those.

Countless studies haves shown that waist training only leads to negligible or temporary benefits while increasing the risk of developing health problems.

So, is it really worth it when you could potentially develop these health issues? Read on:

Organ damage
Taking care of our bodies and avoiding things that cause serious health problems should be a main focus in our lives.

Unfortunately, the culture and beauty standards of today constantly pressure us to go after anything that will make us look good, regardless of the risks involved.

When it comes to waist training, the pressure from wearing it can actually cause your organs to shift which will affect how they function and may lead to permanent damage.

Nerve damage
When you start wearing waist trainers, you might think you’re shaping your body into a more desirable figure. But when you investigate deeper, you will start to notice some uncomfortable symptoms like numbness and burning pain on your outer thighs which are signs of Meralgia Paresthetica.

Tight clothing like corsets triggers nerve damage that might force you to seek medication or undergo surgery in extreme cases.

Waist trainers will restrict your movement and weaken your core muscles (Photo: Courtesy)
Digestive problems
Experiencing digestive issues can affect your everyday life. The discomfort will make it hard for you to concentrate and normal tasks become a serious challenge.

Problems like acid reflux come up often in people who waist train a lot because there is an unnatural pressure on your digestive organs.

Breathing difficulties
Another negative impact of waist training is breathing problems. They squeeze your abdominal area, which significantly reduces your lung capacity and you’re also at risk of dealing with inflamed lungs.

All these problems have even caused fainting in some cases due to shortness of breath.

Core muscle weakening
Waist training is also popular in the world of fitness. They are meant to improve your figure and enhance the weight loss process but there aren’t any proven positive results.

If anything, they restrict movement and they basically don’t work.

Some people also assume that simply wearing a waist trainer all day is equal to exercising and that’s not true either.

To add to that it has been found that there is the risk of weakened core muscles that can lead to chronic back pain especially if you’re wearing it for hours at a time without incorporating core exercises.

In conclusion:

That said, there are more risks than benefits associated with waist training. A better alternative would be exercising regularly, dieting and wearing outfits that flatter your figure. This is better than risking your health for tiny results.

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