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Wednesday, December 8, 2021

Tragedies Of The Ember Months

Scene of Tuesday Ojodu - Berger tragedy 

The Daily Crucible | Published Wednesday, December 8, 2021

By Femi Kusa

I do not know how humanity in this part of the earth came to regard the EMBER months (September to December) as monster months which wound up into a New Year with cargoes of human beings strewn on the other side. But I do know this is a powerful thought in the land against which the churches and mosques pray, and that THOUGHT FORMS do exist.

 Our thoughts are not free. When we develop a thought and send it out, certain forces in Nature mould the thought into the form of an idea that its represent. For as long as we nourish the thought, by reinforcing it with new fuel, we give it life, for it derives and maintains its existence from us. This is why thought forms of love, hate, envy, fear, arose. Any thought we send out to any person gathers similar thoughts to itself on the way to that person or is attracted by other forms if they are more powerful than it is. 

Whatever it is, our thought will reach that person some day with a multitude of similar thoughts it has helped to deliver their own messages to their target. This multitude of thought forms will cause to happen around our target the subject of the thought we send out, may be as far as ten years ago. If the thought was hate, hatred will whip up around that person in marriage, office, business etc. If it is love, the person may suddenly begin to find love everywhere. The only condition the thought forms will not affect our targets negatively or positively is if the target does not have the soil in his or her aura to which those thought forms can attach themselves and impact the target.

 For example, a person who does not hate or envy cannot be affected by hatred or envy or will be affected only to the degree to which there is an anchorage in the oral. Here is a way to test out this principle. If we are on the bus and intensely focus our thoughts on a co-passenger whose seat is some seats away from ours, these co-passenger will suddenly look back and our eyes will meet. When we begin to think of someone we have not heard from over many months and our phone rings, and we hear the voice of that person, could it not be that the person had been thinking about us and the thought forms hit us to make us think about him or her? 

Do we not encounter thought forms in what we call dreams? Thus, it is possible for the fear of EMBER months to potentiate or to materialise in our environment if we keep nourishing it in thought and in spoken word. Lest I forget. Whatever thoughts we send to other people will in the end return to us with a multitudes of similar thoughts. This is in keeping with the LAW OF THE CYCLE. By this law, everything must return to its starting point. When we inhale air, we must return it through exhalation to its starting point. When we drink water, it must return to the soil when we urinate. The same goes for the food we take from the earth. Does the blood not flow out of our heart, go round the body and return to our heart? Thus, whatever we do to other people will return to us. 

No one or community can rise beyond its thoughts just as no one or community can flee from its shadow. 

These EMBER months have been tormenting Lagos State this year 
1) The 21-storey building going up in 44 Gerrard Road, Ikoyi, Lagos  collapsed, killing about 45 persons.
2) Dowen College the boarding house of this high brow high school, a 12-year old boy was beaten to coma by four other boys who gave him a toxic fluid to drink because he refuse to join their secret cult group.
3) Eight children suffocated in a car because they did not know how to open the doors.
4) Finally yesterday, 20 high school children were killed when a truck ploughed into their gathering in OGBA on their way home from school. The driver lost control of the vehicle under the pursuit by road safety officials.

These events deserved serious investigations. The government of Lagos State is known to be proactive. It is owing no pensioner. It is paying all staff 30% of basic salary as leave bonus for all its staff. It is sorting out compensation for police brutality. But the outcomes of three collapsed buildings are yet unknown, though. One of them is in respect of the collapsed hotel building project at Ikoyi. The second one was in Lekki. The third was the building collapsed tragedy in T.B JOSHUA's church.

Can we please stoke the fire of public investigations, please.

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