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Tuesday, December 7, 2021

Ogun: Averting Looming Epidemics In OGBC Community

By Oyebanji Akeem

This is certainly not the best of season for residents of the OGBC Community within the Ibara Housing Estate of Abeokuta, the Ogun State capital. The residentd have continued to live in fear of possible outbreak of epidemics, following the dearth of potable water to sustain a hygienic living standard in their homes and sorrpundings.

With particular reference to the deteriorating hygienic standard of workers living in the OGBC Complex, tales of offensive ordor following lack of portable water for cleaning, washing and other sanitation exigencies has left the people helpless as they contend with disgusting sight of dirt aroud and avoidable foul smell that assails their nostrils.

In the past 3-months, hardship has continued to be their lots as the only source if water supply to the complex has been sealed by the management of the state Rural Water Scheme, popularly called RUWASA.

Although no reason was advanced for the deliberate locking up of the water supplies by the RUWASA management but it  observed that the solar powered water supply project initiated by the Federal Government some year back for local community dwellers in the area, has now become a sight that leaves people with no other options save to rain curses on the governments that initiated the project.

It is worthy of mention that the project was greeted with ecstacy when inaugurated but members of the community who were part of the wild jubilation at the time, have difficulty today getting potable water for use since the dry season began. 

Some of the residents described the situation as worrisome. This artificial scarcity is coming when the government is clamping down on open defecation across the country. 

Some of them have queried the system of supplying water only to selected offices within the OGBC complex leaving out others agencies to languish.

Most toilets are abandoned overtime due to lack of water which according to her could trigger communicable diseases like Cholera among others.

Their plights are made worse by not having any of the officers in charge of the facility handle complaints.

The distraught residents within and around the area are already bewailing tougher fate that awaits them during the yuletide season when the need for water cannot be overemphasized.

They are hoping that the concerned authorities will look into their appalling conditions and help restore water back to the premises of OGBC for use of the community dwellers.

The people deserve access to portable water. They are asking for what is taken for granted in saner climes.

Oyebanji Akeem, an indigene of Ogun State, writes from Abeokuta, the state capital.

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