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Monday, December 6, 2021

Making First Class Is Not Easy At Chrisland University, Students Earn It - Prof Babalola

The Daily Crucible | Published  Monday, December 6, 2021

By Adekunle Mariam, Abeokuta

Chrisland University, Abeokuta, Ogun State, has produced five First Class graduates and 30 Second Class Upper division out of the 44 graduands at the institution's 3rd convocation ceremony.

Miss Martha Kave of the department Criminology and Security Studies, garnered 4.98 Cumulative Grade Point Average(CGPA) to emerge the overall best graduating student.

The Vice Chancellor, Prof. Chinedum Babalola, disclosed this on Sunday at the University's Senate building while briefing newsmen about the planned convocation, explaining that it is not easy to hit the first class honor list at Chrisland.

Mrs Babalola who is a Professor of Pharmaceutical Chemistry and Pharmacokinetics, recalled that the institution which took off in 2016 with just 07 students, is now marching on strongly.

She noted that although, some universities produce first class graduates in scores and hundreds but said that at Chrisland, they do not proliferate  First Class honors as they are only earned by students.

"We are graduating students from the two colleges. Microbiology, criminology, banking and finance, International Relations, Political Science and Psychology.

"We have five first class, chrisland is not that easy to get first class, students earn it.The best graduating is a female, she studied Criminology," she said.

She noted that the university has added an innovation to the 3rd convocation saying an award will be bestowed on the well behaved student as pointer to how it take morals seriously.

 The Vice - Chancellor said that the best behaved male and female would be decorated with a symbol of star each, revealing that the best graduating student, Martha Kave, also happened to be the best behaved among female students and also the leader of the Student Council.

Fielding questions from newsmen on a number of issues, including Omicron, the latest strain of Covid - 19, the Nigerian Professor of Pharmaceutical chemistry and Pharmacokinetics, advised Nigerian government, particularly the United Nations, to be vigilant incase the pandemic in its 4th wave and associated variants, could be tools and manifestation of an organised warfare.

The first female professor of pharmacy in the university of Ibadan, expressed concern that Omicron may not be the last COVID - 19 variant the world would have to contend with, urging Nigeria and United Nations to go beyond informing people about the latest variant but to focus more on tracing the source and why new variants are springing up.

"Some people believe they are biological weapon. I read something about biological weapon, is there anything people are doing that we do not know? Bill gate wrote about biological weapon and I began to get worried. Is there anything people are doing or what they know that's happening that we(Nigerians nay africans) do not know about?

"As a researcher, I would  rather look at the source. Why are they having variant?Is it a political thing, is it an organized warfare? I think the United Nations when next they gather, they should be more interested in that and not in telling us we have new variant, because after Omicron another one might come out. Anytime a new variant comes out, the researchers are in the lab looking for new ways to design instrument that can detect the different variants and how long will we continue to run after that? 

"We should begin to look at what is happening and what the cause. It is easy to describe it, it's good to know the kind of variant so we can tackle it. Howbeit, all the variants and viruses can be checked and controlled by non - pharmaceutical practices, like social distancing, hand sanitizers, washing of hands," she said.

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