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Sunday, December 12, 2021

Femi Falana And The Drunkenness Of Public Advocacy

            •Enoch Adeboye

| The Daily Crucible | Sunday, December 12, 2021

By Dr. Doyin Okupe

A few days ago I read a news report credited to Femi Falana, S.A.N. He was reported to have said "Pastor Adeboye, you are building business centres not churches." I have waited for 72 hours, hoping that the highly acclaimed human rights lawyer and public advocate will deny the story. But this never happened.

Femi Falana is a personal friend and I could have taken this up with him privately. But I choose to comment publicly because of the public image of Femi Falana who I recognise that he has a large following in the country especially among the youths and the civil society family both in Nigeria and abroad. It is imperative to publicly correct his falsehood lest he mislead many who believe in him.

I write these comments not because i want to defend pastor Adeboye. I am by far too inconsequential to take up such a role. I know for a fact that those who defend pastor Adeboye operate at such a sublime realm that I cannot even comprehend. And there lies the foolishness of Falana's comments.

Pastor Adeboye and the RCCG are obeying the instructions of our Lord Jesus when he charged his disciples to go into every corner on the surface of the earth and preach the gospel. Mark16:15. This the RCCG complies with by spreading the gospel through the planting of churches   erronously referred to as "business centers" all over the world, by Femi Falana.
Secondly Christian's are mandated  by the scriptures to give tithes and offerings. 

The more members a church has, the more tithes and offerings it will collect and the richer the churches get. Quite frankly also the richer the pastors and heads of the churches also get. Because they are scripturally allowed to partake in the wealth of the churches. 1 cor vs 13.
Those who work in the temple eat from the temple and those who serve at the alter share what is offered at the alter.
Falana can admonish the church as a christian to use a greater portion of their wealth to support the poor and the needy in the society, even the scriptures are full of such admonitions.

Femi Falana should stay in the areas of his core competence and not dabble into religion where obviously he is so uninformed. Casting aspersions on great men of God like Pastor Adeboye is unwise and very very dangerous.These great Generals in the Christiandom are certainly not infallible but because of the Lord's anointing they carry on their heads, even when they go wrong, they can only be judged by God Himself.

I will enjoin my brother and friend the highly respected silk to repent and ask for forgiveness from God for his reckless statement. As I stated previously, my statement was not intended to defend Pastor Adeboye. I repeat I have no competence to do so. I do not say this to seek favour from pastor Adeboye but as a man of God if I find favour in his eyes I rejoice.

However I wrote for the exact reason which the many critics made their cases. If money is collected  from the satellite churches and sent to the headquarters, let the judgement be on them that administer the funds but let God who gave them commission be the judge, Not mere mortals like you and I who also have our own secret and presumptuous sins. As long as the gospel is preached the scripture is fulfilled. 

My faith, my reasoning and stand at all times concerning Christianity is based not any doctrine but strictly and solely on the word of God as expressed in the bible. No more no less. Please read Phillipians 1 vs 18 : "what then?  Notwithstanding every way, whether in pretence or in truth, Christ is preached and I rejoice, yes and will rejoice." This is the word of God. And upon this I stand with no fear of contradiction or any equivocation whatsoever. Business centres or not as long as Christ is preached, God's mission and Christ charge for Christians to go into all corners of the earth and preach the gospel is fulfilled.

May the Lord forgive us all of our numerous sins in Jesus Name.

 Adedoyin Ajibike Okupe, simply addressed as Dr. Doyin Okupe, is a Nigerian physician and politician who co-founded Royal Cross Medical Centre and was former Presidential aide to President Olusegun Obasanjo and later to President Goodluck Jonathan.


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