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Sunday, December 26, 2021

Adeyinka’s Grandson — An Insight Into Nnamdi Kanu’s Predicament

•Leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), Mazi Nnamdi Kanu when he was brought to court soon after his extradition from Kenya in June this year.

The Daily Crucible | Monday, December 27, 2021

By Kalu Idika

Compliments of the season. As we approach the end of this year, let’s remember to slow things down. 2021 is drifting away for Biafrans- an intense year. Our wishes will become a reality because of BNG. But, this piece is to bring to your know the calligraphy of Britain.

We might have ran swiftly and could not notice the handwriting. Nnamdi Kanu’s predicament was orchestrated by Britain.

The conspiracy theory that Nnamdi Kanu was set up and sold by some of his members or Igbo politicians was put to bed when Nnamdi Kanu through his lawyers made it clear nobody betrayed him. The man knew something was on his trail long before his arrest. His tail exposed him to the predator when he thought he had evaded. My investigation for a couple of months received a timely boost with that update.

Now to Adeyinka’s Grandson who was arrested by UK authority and found guilty of terrorism. It gives an insight into what really happened and happening to Nnamdi Kanu. What Adeyinka’s Grandson said on social media cannot be measured with what Nnamdi Kanu said via his radio and on social media platforms. Adeyinka’s Grandson said without implementation but was found guilty and sentenced; let alone Nnamdi Kanu who said more and gave direct order which was directly or coincidentally obeyed.

Nnamdi Kanu and Adeyinka’s Grandson share same ideology and methodology. The former wants freedom of his people and exposes the evil perpetrated by Fulani and others. The later does same; clamoring for the independence of his people from murderous Fulani caliphate. They use their mouths and are unbridled; a no holds barred approach. They are both ethnic champions or superiority preachers.

If what Adeyinka’s Grandson said amounted to terrorism; then, Nnamdi Kanu is a bigger terrorist and likely to get harsher punishment compared to what Adeyinka’s Grandson got. Adeyinka’s Grandson defended Yorubas and spit hatred against Igbos, Fulanis and Hausas, like Nnamdi Kanu who defended Igbos and called for Fulanis, Hausas and Yorubas to be severed and chased out. The two had same message with same methodology; using social media to instigate.

There is a difference between preaching hate, instigating violence and fighting for freedom. BNG gives a better example, you cannot compare a man fighting to a man preaching hate and instigating ethnic violence from his comfort zone.

I might have annoyed you with facts but you have to bear with me. Couple of months before Uchemefor resigned from IPOB, UK police invited Nnamdi Kanu and Uchemefor who was his deputy as at the time of the invite. Nnamdi Kanu declined the invite and left UK in what appeared to be a strategic shave of danger. Uchemefor honored the invite and gradually began to de-radicalize himself- we began to hear Uchemefor that preaches tolerance and peace- strongly stood against armed ESN.

Nnamdi Kanu was defiant because he had shaved the danger of being taken in by UK police but that ushered in a low-key fugitive status. From one country to another without updating people; his instinct or contacts might have debriefed him. UK was determined to act on low-key; this was evident with the handling of Adeyinka’s Grandson who was invaded and hurriedly sentenced without any public notice.

Staying in Europe had become a risk to Nnamdi Kanu. UK was using her connects to follow up and try to bring him in without much noise. Kanu was also playing a wild card. It would raise a dust for UK to directly handle Kanu because of his followers. So, picking him up had to be a patient game for UK. Use of baits to lure him to a slaughter house.

He was discreetly being followed until he entered Kenya and that was the right time to strike. It can only take advanced tracking to arrest Nnamdi Kanu without anybody’s awareness and brought back to Nigeria from Kenya without even his neighbors or friends in Kenya knowing. Nigerian attorney general announced the arrest and extradition of Nnamdi Kanu to our disbelief. It was professionally executed and we are aware Nigeria cannot arrest Nnamdi Kanu the way he was arrested.

To get Nnamdi Kanu on UK soil became impossible because he had sensed danger and left. UK would have felt more comfortable arresting and prosecuting him in UK. They weren’t ready for extradition politics, so, it took quite a deserved time to get him in a lawless country like Kenya.

Continuously; the presidency publicly assures that Nnamdi Kanu’s prosecution would restore peace in Southeast and Southsouth. It is rather a public assurance to Britain to be rest assured that they would handle the matter just as they handled Adeyinka’s Grandson. Nnamdi Kanu might be smart to evade UK authority but Nigerian authority has proven worse than UK. Nigeria is a country that flagrantly flouts court orders and more when backed or not under pressure from especially Britain.

Today; Britain is solidly behind Nigeria and this has given Nigeria the wings to soar as high as they want with iniquities and lawlessness. Britain is indirectly responsible for Nnamdi Kanu’s arrest with the soul aim to stabilizing the shaky foundation of Nigeria’s unity.

Arrest and sentencing of Adeyinka’s Grandson was a statement action. To Britain, they have successfully contained Nigeria’s secessions. Nnamdi Kanu would be prosecuted and rightfully sentenced. Igboho would be prosecuted and rightfully sentenced to put to bed secession agendas in Nigeria.

To those asking for Nnamdi Kanu’s release. The only option Kanu has is to renounce Biafra and get a pardon or face his fate and journey in prison. It is still a hard nut to crack because Britain might reject his plea to renounce Biafra and insist on their own option. What is good for the goose is good for the gander. Adeyinka’s Grandson is a yardstick for the supreme leader of supreme IPOB.

Ifeanyi Chijioke- Indigenous Activist and Author, writes from Enugu


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