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Sunday, November 7, 2021

The Lagos Building Tragedy And The Messy Fight : Is Osibona's Family Grieving?

The Daily Crucible | Published Sunday,  November 7, 2021

By Kunle Alaye

The recent Lagos building collapse, after been alleged of likely shoddy building plans by the developer with the most promiscuous headline that says: " The collapsed building got approval of 15 story by the Lagos State Government rather by act of defiance, went ahead to build 21 story structures.

Of course, this to a large extent has been fiercely criticised and condemned by well meaning Nigerians. Even though, it could not be considered tennable, by the Lagos State Government as enough justification or reasons for the heartbreaking development.

Some Nigerians have also questioned the roles or what regular follow up, did the regulatory agency incharge made so far, on or before the final collapse of the building? However, the "blame game" can not be the case here as the havoc has been done already.

Having said that, the calamity later attracted a more rediculous and unspeakable dimension on Thursday, as the family of late owner of the collapsed building (Mr Femi Osibona) switched into a messy fight over the properties of the the deceased.

The corpse of the deceased has not been buried yet, but the family had already swing into a fight over bank details, exotic cars and other assets which all belong to the deceased.

The exigous fight began on Friday, as the legitimate wife of the late Femi Osibona who had just flown in from the United States, denied access to her husband's apartment at Ikoyi, in Lagos.

Mrs Osibona who had four children for the late Femi, is being treated like a parasite and humiliated after the sudden demise of her husband by her purported in-laws. Whom she alleged are humiliating her due to the properties left behind.

Though, she is presently in a fight-to finish with the family as they are laying claim to the deceased's array of exotic cars, bank account details, bundles of cash in the house and other assets.

The corpse of the late Femi Osibona is yet to be buried. In fact his sudden death is still less than a week and the family has started laying claim and fighting over the deceased's properties. 

Much as I really do not share metaphysical efficacy, I am pretty convinced that there is more to the death of the late billionaire. "Ejo lowo nu" as the Yoruba will say. 

Indeed, a very big lesson to learn from this is that, one should live as if you are going to die tomorrow. Wear your good clothes otherwise people will wear it for you, put on your clean shoes, spend like today is your last day on earth and above all be very generous to people around you beyond your immediate family.

Happy Sunday to you all. Cheers!! 

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