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Thursday, November 18, 2021

The Bible Is Meant To Be Read And understood, Not Buried


 The Daily Crucible | Published Friday,  November 19, 2021

By Omidiji Ninyo

A video of the pastor of Living Faith church in Maryland talking affirmatively and confidential of how they buried 15 bibles in fifteen pillars of their church building is making the rounds on the internet. 

Although, it is sad to note but this  did not come as a surprise to many of us. Many  pentecostal practices, which are often termed "prophetic", are rooted in African traditional religion. Some of the  celebrated practices in the Living Faith Church, which is a popular and influential brand in Africa are paganistic. 

In case you are reading me for the first time, there's something called syncretism in religion. It is the fusion of practices of two or more religions in the quest to achieve effectiveness or what they call "result in ministry". 

This is what many charismatic /pentecostal centres that you know practice. Many of their practices are alien to the Christian faith. 

Do they have justification for some of their practices in the Bible? Yes they do. In case you have not noticed, just about any practice, including hideous ones, can be loosely supported using scriptures. You have to be very naive not to know that some occult groups use some biblical narratives and quotations for their works. The fact that something is said to be "biblical" does not mean it's a Christian thing. When people use Bible passages and narratives for what they are not meant for, it becomes a perversion. 

When they ask you to bring a piece of clothe, olive oil and a number of other paraphernalia so they can pray on them for you to use, they have been influenced by their root of paganism. In African traditional religion, the patrons and practitioners are usually given tokens like that to go and use after some incantations have been rendered on them.  They are asked to bury something somewhere to achieve a particular result. How are those who go about with mantles any different from those who wear amulets, "olonde" and "ibadi"?

When they tell you a practice is prophetic in church arena, pause and think again. There's a thin line separating what is prophetic and what is paganistic. Much of what they call prophetic in pentecostal arena is what I call charismatic paganism. No more, no less. 

I have asked, you say using olive oil is biblical and yes, I agree, but show me one place anyone "prayed on" oil to be used in the Bible. Show me where anyone prayed on mantles or handkerchief to be used in the Bible. But  our people have built an elaborate doctrine around these. Prayers were prayed on the sick and not on oil. Check it out again. Paul didn't pray on mantles and distribute to people to use. Turning this to a sacrament for miracles is an abuse. It is unfortunate that many are not concerned about the idolatry of these material things. They are only looking for "whatever works". I tell people that  witchcraft also works too. The fact that a practice works does not mean it is has a divine approval.  If your mantra is "whatever works", it means  you have a paganistic mindset and you will visit a voodoo priest under the cover of the night or when no one is looking someday, searching for whatever works. In any case, many people in ecclesiastical regalia today are undercover babalawos. If you don't know this, you are naive. And I do not mean disrespect. 

Before I derail too much to other things, let me make it clear to my friends who are keen on knowing the truth. The Bible is meant to  be read and understood. It is not meant to be buried. There's nothing prophetic or "deep" about burying a Bible. It is an abuse. When the purpose of a thing is unknown, abuse becomes inevitable. 

I know some people will do all they can to justify such a practice because it is linked to their favourite brand or preacher. Their truth is personality-defined. I'm thankful that I have gone past that stage in my life. I have a God-given duty to raise a red flag at such things before someone gets inspired to start burying bibles up and down. 

I am for the truth, no matter where it is found. I am against falsehood, no matter who is involved. May God guide us and keep us from errors emanating from exalted pulpits. 

It is a new day! 

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