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Wednesday, November 24, 2021

Okowa Is Strangulating Our Judiciary - APC

... Urges Governor To Implement Judicial Autonomy Law


The Daily Crucible | Published Wednesday, November 24, 2021

The All Progressives Congress (APC), Delta State Chapter has chided the Delta State Governor, Dr Ifeanyi Okowa for his abysmal disregard for the autonomy of democratic institution like the Judiciary.

In a statement made available and signed by Mr Pius Ituru of the APC Directorate of Media and Publicity, Delta State Chapter in Asaba, the party stated that "in every democratic society, the independence of the Judiciary is paramount to how justice is dispensed. It is in recognition of this basic reality that the Federal Government implemented judicial and legislative autonomy." 

It lamented that the governor has given 'audio implementation' to judicial autonomy, six months after signing the bill into law. 

The statement further stated that, "it has come to the knowledge of all Deltans that given his penchant for undemocratic ideals, the state governor, Dr Ifeanyi Okowa has continued to strangulate the Delta State Judiciary even after almost six months of giving assent to the judicial autonomy bill. The Judiciary which is the third arm of government and being the last bastion of the common man cannot continue to be dependant on the Executive arm of government."

The party noted with dismay that "the Delta State Judiciary is still dependent on the Executive for funds to finance its recurrent and capital expenditures even after the approval of the Judicial Autonomy Bill into law. Most worrisome is the fact that only recently, the Judiciary was made to go cap in hand soliciting funds from the State Governor to render financial assistance to the family of late Justice Ideh and to purchase official cars for the newly appointed State High Court Judges. It is absolutely absurd and preposterous for Dr Ifeanyi Okowa-led PDP government to continue to subject this revered institution to such opprobrium and disrespect.

"This is a testament to the fact that the governor has always paid lip service to laws that are democratically formulated to advance the cause of the common Deltans, while he has always given speedy implementation to the ones that can further enrich his pocket and that of his cronies. 

"The party is therefore calling on Deltans to rise up to their right and demand the full implementation of judicial autonomy in Delta State. Deltans must stand firm to declare that the Judiciary - being the last hope of the common man - must be allowed to thrive independently,' the statement added.

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