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Tuesday, November 16, 2021

Henry Farrar And His Encounter With Ikpaisong, Twins Loathing Deity Of The Annang

                      •Dr. Henry Farrar

The Daily Crucible | Published Tuesday,  November 16, 2021

By Da Effiong D. Ukpong

History has rewarded Mary Sclessor of Britain globally for her effort towards saving the twin child in Cross River Basin Area (Efik and Ibibio), thanks to the British Government, which keeps track of her citizens' activism.

However, Dr. Henry Farrar of the United States had carried out a similar work in Annang land in what is today designated as Akwa Ibom State in South South geopolitical zone of Nigeria. He saved our people from the horror and shackles of primitive and unwholesome religio-cultural practices.

Earlier before Farrar's missionary activities began in Annang, many twins had, unfortunately, lost their family linage, freedom,  Annang names, language and home permanently overtime but never lost their Annang blood.

The Ngwa people who at that time, opened their homes as a place of refuge to twins victims who were fortunate to be smuggled out of Annag into Ngwa, by their sympathetic mothers and few citizens of Annang who could not conform to such traditional practice and willing to take the risk. 
Unfortunately, many twins ended up in the evil forest where they were banished and abandoned to the elements to finish them off.

The freedom these rescued twins enjoyed in Ngwa Land came with a high price of adopting foster families, ngwa names, language, villages and  permanent home with mixed blood as their new identities, unfortunately.

Dr. Henry Farrar put his life on the line to disband this deadly practice in Annang land through his missionary activities and little or no information was saved about this.

He further uprooted  the main cause of this evil practice when he personally addressed the towering deity - Ikpaisong  which was responsible for the then zero tolerance of twins birth on Annang land, and in the presence of a mixed multitude, those supporting (mainly the christian converts) and those against his audacity (mainly the idol priests and worsippers and traditionalists), Ikpaisong, the deity phsically symbolized by and encased in a clay pot.

In a manner reminiscence of the encounter between the biblical Elijah and prophets of Baal, when Farrar dared the Ikpasong to the consternation and dread of the spectators, the deity exploded in the full glare of the multitude with smoke gushing out of the clay pot as in in the case of entrapped  gun powder having contact with naked light.

Fortunately, today, some people who witnessed this event are still alive to reveal this obscure events. One of such people is the first son of the chief priest that served the deity when this event took place - mr. Sunday Jumbo, an elderly who is about 120 years, who  witnessed the deposition  of twins, madam Atim Abraham. A tall plum tree which Dr. Farrar brought the fruit from U.S to Nigeriais standing in pastor Eyera's compound in Abiakpo Ikot Abasi Innyan in Akwa Ibom State.

Besides, Dr. Farrar pioneered medical activities in Ngwa land, Abia State,  and documented, his extensive missionary exploits in the twins abhorence saga, but these were never given any space in history, unlike Mary Slessor.

 Again without the bold step exhibited by Ngwa people, Farrar's efforts would have been fruitless because, he could not have accommodated the  fleeing twins in a foreign land.

One recalls that when he faced a stiff opposition and even frustration, he made pronouncement that since the people of Annang could not see reasons with him but insist on chasing him out of their land, that God will raise someone from Annang land who will continue the work of sanitizing their land from evil traditional practices.
And today, I, Da Effiong Daniel Ukpong,  who hails from Abiakpor, in Annang land, has errected a church (The African Holy Land) on the precise spot where Ikpaisong was hitherto worshipped.  Also, most of the deities in Ikot Nsekong, Abiakpo Ikot Abasi Inyang, now in Obot Akara, Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria, and its adjoining  communities, have been dismantled with the power of God in fulfillment of what Dr. Henry Farrar prophesied earlier about the land on that historic day  he was confronted by the angry worshippers.

While carrying out a sociological research in my community Annang/Efik/Ibibio, it was discovered that there were some  evil forests, where the twins were thrown away one of such was found in Annang  called Akai Itike where Mr. Tommy Essiet, whose step-brother, Mr. Udoekong Ukpong, brought Farrar to the family,  after he had pulles out his juju openly and took Farrar on tour of the ovation of the small shrine in Akai Itike where he built for the souls of the dead twins and have been appeasing same.

In recent times, the holy spirit has chosen me to reveal these to the Ngwa people and the world  and  also to  continue His  work  that was started by Dr  Henry Farrar in the  lands  of  the Annang and Ngwa people of the South Eastern States of Nigeria 
The above facts were arrived at by revelations and intensive  years  of prayerful research carried out under the guidance of the Holy Spirit in Annang, Efik /Ibibio and Ngwa land on the subject matter.
And in the  process, other major revelations were received concerning the church, the nations of Nigeria, Israel, America and other nations of the world.
There were also other revelations received about the political and spiritual rulers  around the world, including prophecies of major world events even before they occurred. 
There are also records of manifestations of the works of the Holy  spirit  similar to those recorded in the acts of the apostles.

Then I asked myself, what has the U.S, United nations, the Nigerian Government and other international communities done to the  Ngwa people/ Annang family who saved and indigenized  twins in their land? 

Mary Sclessor did not have enough accommodation for the twins, she only saved few but the British government  preached the message but the Ngwa  people did  not have the home government to preach the massage but they acted the message as the good Samaritans even before she came preaching and her home government took it up. Yet, until now nothing is done to the Ngwa people by the home government, U.S, the united nations and other government bodies for protecting and saving lthe ives of twins in time of old.

Therefore, the home government, the U.S, United Nations must recognize Ngwa people for their role in saving the lives of twins by accommodating, indigenizing  comforting, accepting, feeding and treating them as human being and not animals.etc., 

I am also of the opinion that the people involved in this act of humanity be considered for Nobel Price. 
This recognitions is long overdue and will correct the  history in settings twins free from the condemnation of certain death.

Da Effiong Daniel Ukpong writes from 
African Holy Land, Akwa Ibom State

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