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Thursday, November 25, 2021

Fed Fire Service Takes Safety Awareness Campaign To Ogun Schools

         •Fed Fire Service operatives &                students of ABEOGRAM

The Daily Crucible | Published Thursday, November 25, 2021

By Adekunle Mariam, Abeokuta

The Federal Fire Service Ogun state, has taken fire safety campaign and awareness walk to Abeokuta Grammar School, Idi Aba, Abeokuta in continuation of her awareness and walk week to schools in the State to enlighten students and teachers on practicable preventive measures against fire outbreak.

The safety lecture which formed part of the 2021 Fire safety week is Tagged "Preventing the outbreak of fire, a collective responsibility."

The Commanding officer, Controller (Mrs ) Muibi Rebecca, said the initiative seeks to create awareness among students on the nature of fire, the safety measures and precaution to be adopted in secondary schools and the community within the school and in their respective homes so that they could be enlightened on the disastrous nature of fire and its uses.

"The idea is to educate this kids as they are exposed to fire every day, if they are taught they can be able to tackle fire outbreak with this few safety measures we have taught them today," she said.

The command spokesperson,  Mr Ayanyiji Olusegun, pointed that Children are essential part of the environment, saying many of them use fire at home and in school.

According to Ayanyiji, there is need for them to be cautious of fire, what they need to know about fire, its nature and what causes fire outbreak in the society and environment.

He said this informed why the team visited the school to sensitize the students about fire and feasible precautions against its outbreak.

The School Principal, Mr Dare shonola, in his remarks lauded the Federal fire service for bringing the awareness campaign to the school premises and for choosing Abeokuta Grammar school has a location for the sensitization. 

He stated"I think the demonstration came at the right time, we are aproaching the dry season and it is during the dry season we usaully have more cases of fire outbreak.

"The whole idea is wherever this student find themselves in the public home or in the  market place if there
 is any fire outbreak this student will be abls to recue themselves with this knowledge they have received today. If not possible they will have an idea. Whenever you educate student, you are also educating the society.When they get home they will tell their parents what happened in their school.Doing that they are creating awareness on how to deal with fire in the community at large.

"Some of the parents who dont know the nitty gritty of fire outbreak control  will learn from their children because they have been sensitized. That will go along way to sensitize a few percent of our population to avoid and control fire outbreak in our homes," he said.

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