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Monday, November 29, 2021

Don't Twist Facts About Oja Oda Stool - Families Warn Afuape

••• Families Beg Dapo Abiodun To Prevail On Commissioner Over Attempt To Foist Illegal Candidate On Oja- Oda Town


The Daily Crucible | Published Tuesday, November 30, 2021

Founding families of Oja-Odan town in the Yewa-North local government area of Ogun State have advised the Ogun State Commissioner for Local Government and Chieftaincy Affairs, Afolabi Afuape, not to allow himself to be used to twist the established and respected traditional facts about the town's obaship stool.

The founding families of the town under the aegis of Oja-Odan descendants union  in a petition signed by nine families; Apetu; Abijo;Eluku ; Oje ; Segbe; Jangi ; Onirookun;Edun and Fade families warned against any move to subvert the town's established tradition, culture, custom and  position of the law on putting a traditional ruler in place in Oja Odan.

The petitioners who accused some unnamed officials in the ministry of Justice of currently carrying out hatchet job in connivance with the commissioner for local government and Chieftaincy Affairs, appealed to governor Dapo Abiodun to prevail on Afuape to stop any attempt to impose illegal candidate on the town for the stool.

They claimed the plan of the officials in the ministry with Afuape was to "unfairly twist the long established traditional facts and affirmed legal positions in relations  to Oja-Odan Obaship stool with  a view to surreptitiously present one Banji Olowobeshe for appointment as the Oba .

The petition addressed to the governor dates November 29 was  tittled "Manipulation of the commissioner for local government Affairs and the ministry of Justice by some money bag individuals to twist  facts and sabotage various courts judgements in order to impose a stranger and an unpopular candidate -Banji Olowobeshe on good people of Oja-Odan "

They however appealed to the government against desecration of the traditional institution which could lead to the breakdown of law and order in the already peaceful Oja-Odan  town .

The petition read  that the government should direct " the honourable Commissioner for Local government and Chieftaincy Affairs to call a stakeholders meeting involving all the founders of the town with a view to being properly guided on approving the right candidate for the stool of Oba of Oja-Odan."

While raising the alarm , the petitioners said " we confirm further that there is ongoing concerted efforts in the department of Civil Litigation of the ministry of Justice by the same individuals without conscience , to switch the consistent position of the Ogun State government since 1999."

They said the state gazatte recognises the Onitoro of Itori as the prescribed authority over Oja-Odan and which the Onitoro has since been exercising .

The petitioners added that various High  courts  judgements have settled the Obaship tussle ,adding that the court of appeal had ruled that Onitoro is the recognised  prescribed authority over Oja-Odan.

They said ,"it was in line with this known position that Onitoro confirmed the nomination of prince Monday Apetu from the Apetu royal family for onward presentation to the government for his eventual appointment ."

While submitting , the petitioners said "it is instructive to state that the Apetus produced the first Baale of Oja-Odan. It is therefore ,our well-considered resolve that the candidate for the Obaship stool of Oja-Odanahouid be from Apetu family or better still ,that  the current Baale be upgraded to an Oba."

The petitioners in the prayers to the governor demanded " call for investigation on the unethical efforts to change and twist the known facts and government position in relation to Oja-Odan Obaship stool .

They also prayed that the government  "Prevail  on the commissioner for local government and Chieftaincy Affairs to convene a stakeholders meeting particularly or  the founding families of Oja-Odan, before presenting any other candidate aside the one jointly agreed  upon and selected  through Apetu family o Onitoro for nomination to the honourable Commissioner."

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