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Sunday, November 7, 2021

Anambra Poll : Soldiers Block Onitsha Bridge As Soludo Leads While Uba, Ozigbo Tail Behind

The Daily Crucible | Published Sunday,  November 7, 2021

By Godwin Akomah, Onitsha

Soldiers drafted to help provide security during the Saturday gubernatorial election in Anambra blocked the Onitsha end of the bridge on Asaba  -  Onitsha expressway  on Sunday, forcing hundreds of travellers and motorists on inter - state journey across Anambra to be held to a spot for hours on end. 

••• APGA's Soludo Leads As INEC Announces Results In Over 10 LGAs

This happening on the heels of Local Government by Local Government announcement of election results on Sunday in Awka by the Independent National Electoral Commission(INEC) with the candidate of the All Progressives Grand Alliance (APGA),  Prof. Charles Chukwuma Soludo, leading in over 10 LGAs out of the number so far released. 

 Soludo experienced increase in his existing margin of lead by 48,099 votes ahead of his closest opponent.

APGA: 95,333

APC: 38,282

PDP: 47234

Two LGAs -- Ihiala LGA and Orumba North -- are outstanding. Two more LGAs are expected to be announced shortly.

The candidates of the All Progressives Congress(APC), Andy Uba, and that of the People's Democratic Party (PDP), Valentine Ozigbo, who were the main rivals in the electoral contest yesterday, trailed from the far rear.

A breakdown of the results shows Chukwuma  Soludo leading other candidates convingly in 17 of the 19 local governments’ results so far declared by INEC for the Anambra governorship election.

Soludo leads in 17 LGAs, the Peoples Democratic Party and Young Progressives Party have won in one LG each.

Andy Uba of the All Progressives Congress, one of the frontrunners, is yet to win any local government.

Valentine Ozigbo of the Peoples Democratic Party won in Ogbaru LGA while Ifeanyi Ubah of Young Progressives Party won in Nnewi North LGA.

Soludo leads in Dunukofia, Awka South, Oyi, Ayamelum, Anaocha, Anambra East, Idemili South, Onitsha South, Njikoka, and Orumba South.

Others are Onitsha North, Aguata, Idemili North, Ekwusigo, Nnewi South, Awka North, Anambra West.


(1) Dunukofia LGA
APC 1991
APGA 4124
PDP 1680
YPP 1360

(2) Awka South LGA
APC 2595
APGA 12,891
PDP 5498
YPP 919

(3) Oyi LGA
APC 2830
APGA 6133
PDP 2484
YPP 900

(4) Ayamelum LGA
APC 2409
APGA 3424
PDP 2804
YPP 407

(5) Anaocha LGA
APC 2085
APGA 6911
PDP 5108
YPP 868

(6) Anambra East LGA
APC 2034
APGA 9747
PDP 1380
YPP 559

(7) Idemili South LGA
APC 1039
APGA 2312
PDP 2016
YPP 752

(8) Onitsha South LGA
APC 2050
APGA 4281
PDP 2253
YPP 271

(9) Njikoka LGA
APC 3216
APGA 8803
PDP 3409
YPP 924

(10) Nnewi North LGA
APC 1278
APGA 3369
PDP 1511
YPP 6485

(11) Orumba South LGA
APC 2060
APGA 4394
PDP 1672
YPP 887

(12) Ogbaru LGA
APC 1178
APGA 3051
PDP 3445
YPP 484

(13) Onitsha North LGA
APC 3909
APGA 5587
PDP 3781
YPP 682

(14) Aguata LGA
APC 4773
APGA 9136
PDP 3798
YPP 1070

(15) Ihiala LGA
No election

(16) Idemili North LGA
APC 2291
APGA 5358
PDP 2312
YPP 902

(17) Ekwusigo LGA
APC 1237
APGA 2570
PDP 1857
YPP 727

(18) Nnewi South LGA
APC 1307
APGA 3243
PDP 2226
YPP 1327

(19) Orumba North LGA
(Result Contested. Not Declared)

(20) Awka North LGA
APC 755
APGA 1908
PDP 840
YPP 381

(21) Anambra West LGA
APC 1233
APGA 1918
PDP 1401
YPP 357

On the blocked Onitsha bridge,  one of the travellers trapped in the gridlock caused by the acclaimed blockade by soldiers drafted for the gubernatorial poll told The Daily Crucible that since the exercise was conducted on Saturday, he and others had thought that there would be free inter - state movement across Anambra on Sunday but lamented that Onitsha end of the bridge was blocked by soldiers without explanation.
"Without any notice the security personel directly  maning the Onitsha side of the head bridge, around 10.45AM, blocked all Onitsha/Asaba express road to vehicular movement except the security and few cillian vehicles that are allowed passage. 

He said : "Our effort to get explanation from the army personel securing the area is made difficult by the security maning the area. When we asked some of the vehicles owners that were the first to be blocked if they were given an information, they could not give any.

"Anambra state went to the poll for governorship ellection on Saturday, November 6, and it is assumed that today being Sunday, there should be free vehicular movement.

"Before this development today, there have been complains in some places within Anambra, where security personel were intimidating civilians within the state."

••• Returning Officer Narrate Narrow Escape From Death 

Meanwhile, one of the Returning Officer for the poll has narrated his ordeal on the field,  saying he was almost killed by persons suspected to be political thugs,  who compelled  him to sign result under duress.
The Returning Officer, Dr Michael Otu, for 
the Orumba North Local Government Area, said he nearly lost his life when thugs attacked the Local Government collation centre on Saturday and teargassed him. 

Narrating his narrow escape from death, he said the scoresheets were mutilated and was made to sign a fake result under duress.

He spoke at the State Collation Centre at the INEC office in Awka, the State capital on Sunday. 

“I am lucky to be alive. I was teargassed and as a BP patient, I nearly lost my life. I was forced to sign a result which wasn’t collated by me. The Polling Officer, Comfort Omoroge, who worked with me, compromised.”

But Omoroge in her reaction, dismissed Otu as a confused person, who could not  differentiate between casting of vote and collation of results.

“This man (Onu) has not been involved in an election and it is obvious from the way he behaved on the election day. His actions put us at risk,” she added.

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