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Thursday, November 18, 2021

'I'm A Devoted Muslim, Not A Ritualist' - Adedoyin

                           • Dr. Adedoyin

The Daily Crucible | Published Friday,  November 19, 2021

Hilton Hotel and Resort, Ile-Ife has been sealed off after circumstances leading to the disappearance of Timothy Adegoke, a student of Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile - Ife, were traced to the hotel.

The hotel was sealed on Thursday.

This is coming just as the owner has denied the allegation of being a ritualist.

Timothy was said to have travelled from Abuja to Ile- Ife on November 5, 2021, to take an MBA examination at the OAU distance learning centre in Moro, Osun State, but never showed up at the exam venue and his family members could also not reach him afterwards

The student's decomposed remains were  later found several days after he was deemed missing on November 7, even as an autopsy report from the Obafemi Awolowo University(OAU) is being awaited by the police authority to unravel what caused Timothy's death.


                           •The hotel

The Osun state police command has arrested the owner of Oduduwa university and chairman of Hilton Hotel and Resort, Ile-Ife, Dr. Ramon Adegoke Atobatele Adedoyin, in connection with the mysterious didappearance and death of Adegoke, a master's student of the OAU.

Six other persons, including a lady receptionist, had earlier been arrested by the police.

However, Dr. Ramon Adegoke Atobatele Adedoyin, has denied the allegation making the rounds that he is a ritualist.

Responding through a statement by Mr Damilola Fadare, the Director of Media and Publicity of Oduduwa University, Adedoyin said he is a devote muslim and not a ritualist.

His Response In Full :

Adedoyin Not A Ritualist but a devoted muslim
(1)  The Lady Receptionist that admitted Timothy Adegoke to the Hotel collected cash by transfer to her personal Accout. Not the account of Hilton Hotels. So late Timothy can not be regarded as a guest of Hilton Hotel, Ife. As a chartered accountant that he was said to be , ordinarily nobody expected him to have paid to the personal account of the receptionist instead of Hilton Hotel. Account number is boldly written at the reception. 
(2) The lady Adesola receptionist was recently employed by the hotel manager and has never had any contact with the Chairman of the hotel.  She is on 25,000 naira per month NOT 200,000 bcs the writer said she was placed on 200,000 naira per month to help the Chairman to perpetrate crime. 
(3)It was not the lady receptionist that was said to have gone to Ejigbo. The article writer was trying to make his story flow to indite the Chairman  and instigate Obafemi Awolowo University students against Oduduwa University students. 
(4)Mr Oyekunle is not a spiritual  Alfa but a plumber, named Maint Manager . The writer of the story fumbled by turning a devoted muslim to a spiritual alfa. 
(5)As a person who has so many businesses, the Chairman never decended low to interact with a staff on 25,000 per month ie a School CERT holder. 200,000 naira as claimed by the writer of the article who just wanted something to connect to the Chairman of the hotel is spurious. 
(6)The Chairman is a complete man of God and has never been involved in any crime or ritual in his life. He has performed holy pilgrimages to Mecca and Jerusalem severally. He has a complete fear of God. The wife is a Prophetes and founded a church. 
(7)The Chairman has 5 tertiary institutions. Oduduwa University alone has above 5000 students and a student pays above an average of 500,000 Naira  a year ie Gross income of 2.500,000,000
Naira yearly. Which ritualism will bring 2.5  billion naira in one year. As a matter of fact, he has tertiary institutions in the USA and Ghana where they pay in dollars. He also has 2 Polytechnics in Nigeria. So imagine the billions of money he realizes in a year. The Hilton hotels hosts guests of the conglomerate when they visit ile Ife. 
(8)when the dead corpse of the Timothy was exhumed, the who parts were very much intact to justify that he was not used for rituals  as cases of ritualism were always found to be without nose, head, scotum, eyes etc WE HOPEFULLY EXPECT THE POST MOTEM REPORT TO JUSTIFY THAT HE WAS NOT KILLED FOR RITUALS. 
(9)THE RECEPTIONIST ADESOLA THAT COLLECTED CASH WITHOUT ALLOWING THE MONEY TO REACH THE HILTON HOTELS ACCOUNT SHOULD BE THOROUGHLY INVESTIGATED to unravel her purposes and to justify her intentions. The oau mba student unfortunately dead should be investigated on  why he paid to a personal account. So many guests turned back on that night at Hilton hotels honours because the hotel was undergoing renovation. 
(10)Unfortunately in Nigeria, any person that God has blessed with good money is regarded as a Ritualist.
(11)Dr R Adegoke Adedoyin has been blessed from the age of 26yrs and he is now 65yrs old. So if he did not do RITUALS THEN, so it is now when he is going to the biblical 70 that he would be looking for money which the Almighty Allah has comfortably blessed with. 
(12)All targets are on the personality of Dr R A Adedoyin and his Oduduwa University. 
(13)The God that he calls all the time will vindicate him. Too many enemies around. 
(14) When a beggar shouts “ akowaba, adawaba , always say Amen. “ 

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