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Friday, October 1, 2021

Oct 1: Don't Lose Hope or Give Up On Your Country, Toyin Amuzu Urges Nigerians

••• Also Urges More Interest In Leadership Selection Process,  Nation's affairs

                  •Toyin Amuzu

| The Daily Crucible | Published Friday, October 1, 2021

Nigerians at all levels have been advised not to lose hope or give up on Nigeria as she turned 61 today but look forward to a better tomorrow.

Citizens have also been called to show more interest in the affairs of the nation and be willing to speak up at all times for its betterment, especially at this critical period of her existence.

A community leader and stalwart of the Peoples' Democratic Party, PDP, in Ogun State, Chief Toyin Amuzu gave this advice in his message to mark this year's anniversary of Nigeria's Independence.

Chief Amuzu, who lamented that the country at present was going backward at 61 due to non-challant attitude of most Nigerians to leadership selection process and lack of concern for matters which affects the country. 

He said it is worrisome that 61 years after Independence, Nigeria is finding it hard to provide basic needs of a society which include potable water, quality health, good roads, electricity supply and a conducive environment among others. 

According to him, "our people have so neglected the country that the quality of our leadership is so poor. Infact, those who do not have any business in leading us due to lack of competence are at the helms of affairs".

Chief Amuzu pointed out that no foreigner would save Nigeria from the mess, saying 'only Nigerians can build Nigeria'. 

He advised Nigerians not to lose hope or give up on the country because of the level of insecurity, poverty, economic doldrums, corruption, maladministration and nepotism among others, saying "all these should be a spring board to tackle our challenges as it is time to rise up and save Nigeria".

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