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Friday, October 1, 2021

Nigeria At 61: Aging Nation With Imperial Sloganeering

By Kunle Alaye

The historic antecedent of Nigerian State as an imported phenomenon, imposed on the country by the British, was definitely a huge premise to some of the nation's contemporary pitfalls. 

Nigeria like every other European colonies gained independence in 1960 and later became full sovereign nation in 1963. However, the nation having been under the long trend of colonialism, for almost a century under the British rule, got so encapsulated and shattered with the European nature.

As at the time the British was departing Nigerian State in 1960, it left a very distorted and alien political, economic and socio-cultural system behind.  Which invariably made it expediently sacrosanct for the country to remain subjugated to the trend of imperial  control. 

This of course has been perennially aided through conspiratorial and prebendal practices of those who are best described as "unscrupulous demagogues" or  people of un-identical personalities with zero ideological principles, that we refer to as political elites.

Be that as it may, they have also succeeded on so many occasions to play on Nigerians. This could either be due to lack of political culture or mere hedonistic tendencies of the elites. Nonetheless, the situation with Nigeria, is endemic and vicious.

As Nigeria, celebrate the 61st Independence, both the govern and the governed should use this celebration as a premise to fashion out the strategies and empirical roles, in ensuring that our great country regains her lost glory.

We should devoid of ethnic politics, nepotistic colourations, religious emotions etc. We can work it out again, like our classical nationalists did: Obafemi Awolowo of South West, Tafawa Balewa of the North and Nnamdi Azikwe of the South East. They fought a common goal of Nigerian self reliance and ward-off all forms of colonialism which many of us are all enjoying today. 

So I put this to you contemporary political elites: are you proud to sustain our great Nigerian Nationalists or you are passionate in destroying the lagacies they left behind?  Do note sacrosanctly, that as individual Nigerians, if you are still beclouded of electing "functional illiterates" into power as political leaders, you are not patriotic. And if you as individual political elites have chosen to remain "unrepentant hedonists", you will be held accountable as the bedrock for the country's disasters.

All hands must be on deck to change the narratives of imperial regurgitations and Neocolonialism as evolving crises for development in Nigeria.

God bless Federal Republic of Nigeria

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